Cafe World Hints

With the help of a few Cafe World hints, you can build your restaurant into a pretty impressive little place in record time. Thanks to the game's popularity, the number of ways to find help is growing every day.

Sources for Cafe World Hints

The easiest way to find a nearly endless supply of tips, tricks, strategies, and hints is through Google. Possibly because the game is so new, there have not been as many people keen to try and make a buck off of producing "guidebooks" for money. Games like Restaurant City and FarmVille have become almost too successful, with people trying to sell the hints and tips that are actually available for free if you just look in the right places. Cafe World has started to get that kind of marketing as well, but unlike another newcomer, Farm Town, there seem to be a lot more ways to cheat at Cafe World.

Hints for Playing Well

When people share strategies for their game play, everyone wins. The advantage to a virtual world like Cafe World is that you don't really have to try and keep up with your neighbor - because odds are, there's always going to be someone with a bigger, faster, or fancier restaurant. However, what you can do is try and make the kind of cafe that you like, and enjoy customizing everything from the sign outside to the shoes on your waitstaff's feet. Inside your own little cafe, you are the ruler of your domain, and that's why people spend hours tweaking table arrangements, menus, ingredients, and trying to make their restaurants do exactly what real world restaurants try and do: work more smoothly.

In fact, one of the hint websites lists the top three tips as being:

  • Pay attention to setting-up. - Another way to think of this is "location, location, location," the mantra of good restaurants everywhere. However, since internet real estate is both unlimited and free, this hint is more talking about the location of the items inside your restaurant. Aside from having an efficient kitchen, the key is don't make your waitstaff work too hard. Make it easy for them to bring the food to the customers, and everyone will be happy.
  • Make money. - Money is how you not only keep your restaurant stocked, but also how you pay the staff, hire more staff, and then improve the restaurant. Of course, the Zynga corporation that created the game is also more than happy to take your real money in exchange for their Cafe World cash, and you can make upgrades that way. However, at that point you're not so much playing a game as just buying a fancy animation.
  • Generate buzz - Possibly the most realistic part of the game, "buzz" is the popularity of your restaurant - built up by the number of happy customers who come in and out of your restaurant. There's something very meta about a social networking game that simulates actual social networking, but the fact is that buzz is one of the key things that people try to build in their cafes.

Finding More Hints and Not-So-Subtle Cheats

ToMuse has a very comprehensive strategy guide for the whole cafe world experience, ranging from simply suggestions for having more fun ("customize your staff's uniforms!") to charts showing the return-on-investment for various dishes and menus that you can build in your online restaurant. If you're more into hacking into the system, the "Cheat Engine" has been known to speed up the rate of play, thereby letting you gain more experience, money, and buzz faster than your neighbors. Other cheats involve unlimited tables and even removing doors, but even the cheat sites admit that Zynga is very good at identifying and fixing the loopholes that let people hack the game. Either way, Cafe World remains a fun and popular pastime for Facebook users all over the world.

Cafe World Hints