Using Social Media to Promote My Business

Increase profits!

"Using social media to promote my business" is a thought many entrepreneurs and business owners generate as they obtain growth on the Internet. Because there are so many social media sites available, how do you know which one is the best or which one will get you loyal or repeat customers?

Why Should You Use Social Media?

Leaving the Internet by the wayside in your business while competitors use it to gain customers and make money is a poor decision. Frankly, there is no reason not to use the Internet or social media sites. So why should you?

  • It's Easy. You don't need to know HTML or a any special programs in order to use social media. All you really need to do is sign up for an account and start entering in information. Then all you have to do is find friends and potential customers!
  • It's Free. As of this writing, most social media sites don't charge to join their site. They make their money by offering space on your profile and other pages to advertisers. If you just want to use the site to promote your business and just gain customers and inform others of what you do, then your thought of "using social media to promote my business" can become a reality.
  • Quick Networking. Face time with your website can happen to thousands of people is short amounts of time. Like the old saying about "one person tells ten of their friends and they tell ten of their friends" coincides with the theory of social media business promotion. Within a few days of creating a profile page, you may have hundreds of views and "friends".
  • Go Where the People Are. If you haven't seen the numbers about how many people are signed up with social networking sites, then you may not realize that Internet users hit networking sites in droves. Facebook and MySpace have over 50 million users; LinkedIn and Bebo have over 40 million users; Orkut (created by Google) and are quickly reaching 80 million.

Using Social Media to Promote My Business

What sites should you use to maximize your business growth? The following social networking sites are a good place to start. Once you become familiar with how they work, then you should feel comfortable with monitoring two maybe three sites at once.

  • Facebook: Using one of the most popular and consistently-used sites isn't a bad thing. With so many chances to promote yourself and your business, using Facebook should be a staple. Facebook has the option of creating a profile for a band or a business. Do this, especially if you have a personal profile.
  • MySpace: Another popular social networking site is MySpace. One of the upsides of promoting your business on MySpace is that you can create a profile page that can specifically categorized. Manage a band or need to upload some films or just have a basic business? MySpace has options for those.
  • LinkedIn: One of the more professional sites geared towards the corporate and working community is LinkedIn. You can either be employed with a company or own the company to create a profile. What makes LinkedIn special is that you can ask for recommendations from others which appear on your profile. You can also view who searches for you so that way you can see what kind of demographics are interested in your business.


  1. Ensure that you keep a personal profile separate from a business profile. While there's nothing wrong with promoting the business from within your personal page, but keep in mind that potential customers may see private conversations or posts from you and your close friends.
  2. Don't be afraid to use any status updates to promote a new product, a new idea or promotion.
  3. If you have the option, create surveys. This is especially helpful if you sell different items and have a tough time figuring out which items to keep or remove. For example, if you sell different food items, then you can make a survey for your customers asking them to tell you what their favorite food is that you sell.
Using Social Media to Promote My Business