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Are you mad that your favorite idol didn't make it? Do you disagree with a judge? Sometimes it is hard to find a place that can understand your obsession with American Idol contestants, judges and even seasons. Fan forums and chat rooms dedicated to American Idol are full of fans just like you.


IdolForums features an American Idol general discussion forum that not only includes stickers but fan threads for you to discuss your favorite idols. Not only is the forum up-to-date with thousands of views, there are more than 800 replies to some threads. This means that you can have a valuable discussion with online friends about not only the upcoming season but your seasonal fan favorites like Laine Hardy or Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon and even past contestants like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. You can also find out when and where the next auditions might be held.

How to Join

This forum doesn't require you to register to read the posts, but to reply you will be required to create a log in. This will require you to sign a user agreement and register. Those over 13 can join in the fun.

Fan Forum

On Fan Forum, American Idol fans have access to dozens of different threads and posts about Idol contestants, specific idols and even the judges. You can also choose to start your own thread for people to comment on. Some of the different views are in the thousands and the posts update daily. Not only do you have access to older posts, but Fan Forum offers an announcement feature that lists the new forums and threads added. While the ads can get distracting, many of the forum subscribers add variety by discussing what they are currently listening to or music preferences.

Register for the Site

Taking part in the forums will require you to log in. To register, you need to be over 18, read and abide by the rules and set up your username and password.

Facebook American Idol Chat

With more than 1,300 members, Facebook American Idol Chat offers you a chatting platform for discussing your favorites, judges, shows, etc. The chat does use adult language and is designed for those over 18. However, those under 18 might sneak in. This is a fun chat group for anyone looking for instant chat and is updated regularly.

How to Chat

In order to join, you must agree to not spam or promote, respect privacy and no bullying. Additionally, you need to agree to the chat rules. You will need a Facebook account to join the group. You must also get approval by saying how long you've been a fan and agreeing to the terms.

Reddit's American Idol Page

On Reddit, American Idol fans can post messages and comments through the American Idol page. Fans can not only post videos, comments and discussions, but you can reply or share posts. Additionally, you might even reminisce about previous Idol moments or contestants. For example, one poster added an old video of Clay Aiken on Scrubs. While you can report comments, you find offensive or spammy, the site isn't moderated like a forum. It does, however, give you the opportunity to create longer posts and share your feelings.

Sign Up for Reddit

You'll need to sign up for a Reddit account to post on to the forum. Signing up will require you to provide your email, username and password.

Finding a Community

Sometimes in life it's hard to find people in the real world that understand your dedication and commitment to your favorite shows like American Idol. They might be tired of listening about your fan favorite or even the show itself. The web is not. Instead, it is crawling with dozens of like-minded American Idol fans that are ready and willing to share their thoughts, hopes and even despair with you. So, find a forum that fits your personality and get talking.

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American Idol Forums and Chat Rooms