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American Idol Chat

For American Idol viewers looking for a place to share their enthusiastic opinions on contestant performances, judges' comments, who they think should be voted off and such other social commentary related to the show, American Idol chat rooms and forums have sprung up across the internet.

Chat Rooms and Forums for Idol fans actually started back in 2005 as a social networking forum to talk about music and reality shows. In the fall of 2007 it underwent big design changes and became easier to use. To start viewing posts all you have to do is choose the forum you want visit, but if you want to post you will have to register. American Idol Rooms are listed by season. has been around for years. You can even visit past forums dating all the way back to season one or catch up on the latest American Idol News. Chatting at this site is less organized than on Just jump in and join the conversation.

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Log on to an American Idol forum or chat room when you just can't get enough news about the contestants or you just want to discuss who you think will win the current season. There's plenty of chatter about the number one show. Just join in!

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American Idol Chat Room