Animated Psycho Wallpaper for Friendster

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Animated psycho wallpaper for Friendster is a unique way to make your mark on the online world.

Friendster Basics

Friendster is a social networking site that was created in 2002. The site claims more than 65 million users around the world. Users can create personalized profile pages to share information with their online network of friends. Membership is free and registration only requires a valid email address, but users must be older than 16.

Finding Animated Psycho Wallpaper for Friendster

There isn't a psycho wallpaper available for this particular site. However, it is possible to find background images in the more prolific MySpace layouts. Blue Psycho is a popular choice, with a mesmerizing, constantly shifting image. Crazy Flashy Seizure Background was created in a similar vein, constantly changing colors. Because each social networking site has its own style of profile, it isn't possible to use MySpace layouts as-is in Friendster profiles. However, you can search the code for the background image. It will usually be a .gif file with an image tag associated with it.

Adding Wallpaper to Your Friendster Profile

Once you've found an image, it's easy to add animated psycho wallpaper for Friendster to your personal profile. You don't even need advanced computer-programming skills.

  • First, log in to the site and select My Profile from the menu at the top. Under the My Profile tab, choose Edit Profile.
  • Click on the Customize tab. Under the heading of Advanced Customization, you will want to click on Customize with CSS editor.
  • Inside the editor, input the wallpaper URL in the Image URL space. While you're customizing your wallpaper, you can also change the font used in each section of your profile, the color of buttons on the page, and more.
  • Click on Generate Friendster Code to instantly create the code necessary to add the background and any other personalized options to your profile.
  • Copy the code created by the CSS editor, and paste it in the Customize CSS box on the Customize page.
  • View your profile to check out your new design.

Pros and Cons of Animated Wallpaper

Animated wallpapers make a statement, and can help ensure that your friends will always remember your profile. However, they can be highly distracting and may annoy visitors. If you want people to pay attention to the content of your profile instead of the moving images in the background, you may want to select a different wallpaper. The image file may also be large and slow to load for users on dial-up or older computers.

If you're intrigued by the idea of psycho wallpaper, give it a chance. A change is only a few clicks away..

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