Best Facebook Proxy Sites

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Whether your location blocks the use of social networking or you just want to browse Facebook anonymously, using a proxy site gives you access you would not otherwise have. The best proxy sites improve online safety and offer speed and reliability for users.

Features of the Best Proxy Sites

A proxy site is a website where you visit Facebook sites without leaving traces of your IP address or compromising your safety and privacy. You can enjoy the use of Facebook anonymously. You can also access Facebook on computer networks that block social media sites, such as a school or workplace. Although there are multiple proxy sites, the best sites will offer:

  • Quick, reliable access directly to the Facebook website
  • Search freedom without third-party advertising pop-ups
  • Access to advanced user features without any privacy compromise
  • The ability to use member features anonymously

Finding the Best Sites

Although many proxy sites exist online, not all of them provide the fastest connectivity or are the easiest to use. The following are some top sites that offer privacy, anonymity, and easy navigation for Facebook users.


Known for its speed and reliability, KProxy uses a secure connection that can further help ensure your safety while browsing. While it does have ads with the free version, they're not as intrusive as on other proxy sites. You can download the KProxy browser to log on to Facebook or download extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You can also purchase KProxy Pro for a set number of days with additional features including no ads and better server access. It's $5.00 for 10 days, $10 for 30, and $30 for 180 days. The Geek Daily website recommends KProxy on the top of their list.


Online technology review site TechLarva recommends ProxyBoost (also known as American Proxy) as one of the best free Facebook proxy sites. It has a simple interface where you enter the URL you want to search in the search bar. No downloads of software are required and in addition to Facebook, you can search any website you want, including popular social media sites like YouTube. ProxyBoost does contain ads, but they aren't overly intrusive to your browsing experience.

Gen Mirror Proxy

This proxy site doesn't require any downloads which is a plus. You can also surf several sites including YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and the Google search engine. It's simple and safe to use and mobile-friendly. It's also one of the fastest available proxy sites. The main negative of the site is there are many ads including pop-ups.


Consumer review website Mashoid recommends XRoxy, claiming it "tops all other Facebook proxy sites." The benefit of XRoxy is that it is a collection of many proxies that are updated and checked daily, and it provides proxies for several countries. No software downloads are required. There's also a user forum if you need assistance. XRoxy is not free, although you can use their 3-day free trial. You pay for use by the day, with 31 days for $7.00 and 91 days for $18.00. You can also set it up for automatic renewal if you will be using it long-term.


This proxy site has a much more modern interface than the other sites, most likely due to its purchase by Avast, one of biggest and most popular internet security services available. There is a free browser option with a slick, professional interface that requires entering the URL you are searching, and you can use a drop-down menu to choose how you want to connect and whether to disable scripts and cookies. HMA! also offers a paid pro version that is a VPN which blocks ISP tracking and makes interactions with financial and data websites 100 percent secure even on public Wi-Fi networks. HMA! Pro is $11.99 for one month, $6.99 per month for 12 months, and $5.99 per month for 24 months. There's also a free trial period.

Illegally Accessing Blocked Sites

Some Facebook sites and profile pages are blocked per the member's privacy settings. If a proxy site is used to gain access to Facebook, avoid using the proxy to see a blocked profile page. In the case of a business or school, bypassing their firewalls and using these sites to access a blocked profile page can be a potentially punishable act. Make sure you are aware of the policy at your school or place of business before using one of these sites.

Safe Social Navigating

Using a proxy site to surf Facebook is a great option to protect your privacy. Using trusted proxy sites ensures your privacy is protected rather than risked. However, it is important to remember to use these sites responsibly and to check with any policies at your school or workplace to ensure you are not breaking any rules.

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