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Best Facebook Proxy Sites

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Whether your location blocks the use of social networking or you just want to browse Facebook anonymously, the use of a proxy site can give you access you would not otherwise have, as well as improve your online safety. Various sites focus on providing access specifically to Facebook or may allow users to access other websites. The best ones offer speed, security, and reliability for users.

Features of the Best Proxy Sites

A Facebook proxy site is a separate website where you log on and visit other Facebook sites without leaving traces of your URL or compromising your safety and privacy. With the use of a proxy, you are able to enjoy the use of the Facebook site anonymously. Although there are multiple proxy sites, the best sites will offer:

  • Quick, reliable access directly to the Facebook website
  • Search freedom without third-party advertising pop-ups
  • Access to advanced user features without any privacy compromise
  • The ability to use member features anonymously

Finding the Best Sites

Although many proxy sites exist online, not all of them provide the fastest connectivity or are the easiest to use. The following are some top sites that offer users privacy, anonymity, and easy navigation for Facebook users:

  • Facebook Oxy: This proxy site issues you a new IP address and allows you to view Facebook without leaving any traces of your computer information. Minimal advertising on the site is limited to pertinent software and Facebook ads. The ability to connect with friends or other interests can be done privately and securely.
  • Faceoxy: The Faceoxy site is clean and easy to navigate. They issue you a new IP address to surf Facebook safely and anonymously. Other chat users will only be able to view the IP address of Faceoxy and not yours, which gives the site a high recommendation among Facebook proxy searchers. It also features pop-up blockers and anti-spamware that will keep any malicious data from being downloaded to your computer.
  • FacebookProxy.uk: This site allows you to anonymously and securely visit Facebook for free. It's incredibly easy to navigate - just scroll to the bottom of the page where the Facebook URL is already in the search box, press Browse, and you're on your way. The site also contains links to additional proxy sites on the front page.
  • Click Facebook: If ads don't bother you as long as you get to browse Facebook from a location that has the site blocked, this is another Facebook proxy option.
  • Unblock-Facebook.net: Although the site has ads on its main page, you can visit Facebook without having to worrying about ads or pop-ups. The site also offers options to remove images, disable Flash content, and remove scripts that may appear when you're browsing, which can reduce the time it takes pages to load and increase performance.
  • KProxy: Known for its speed and reliability, this proxy site lets you visit Facebook without having to view a bunch of annoying pop-ups and ads. The website also uses a secure connection that can further help ensure your safety while browsing.

Illegally Accessing Blocked Sites

Some Facebook sites and profile pages are blocked, per the member's set-up and request. If a proxy site is used to gain access to Facebook's site, avoid using the proxy to gain access to a blocked profile page. In the case of a business or school, bypassing their firewalls and using these sites to access a blocked profile page can be a potentially punishable act. Make sure you are aware of the policy at your school or place of business before using one of these sites from its facilities.

Safe Social Navigating

Accessing Facebook using a proxy site is a great option to protect your privacy, especially if you choose one of these websites that offers a reasonable browsing speed, doesn't have a lot of distracting advertisements, and lets you surf anonymously for free. Using trusted sites ensures that your privacy is protected rather than risked. However, it is important to remember to use these sites responsibly and to check with any policies at your school or workplace to ensure you are not breaking any rules.

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Best Facebook Proxy Sites