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Your friend is working on her new blog, and she tells you that she wants to add blogger widgets. "What's a widget?" you ask. The word widget is short for "widget file," which is an application that can add fun and functionality to your blog, website or social network group. Blogger widgets are popular with both amateur and professional bloggers. In some cases, these embedded chunks of code can make the difference between a popular site and one that is simply acceptable. This is because a well-designed widget leads your readers to the best content on your site, and allows them to have fun while discovering it. Widget code can take the form of JavaScript, Adobe Flash plug-in or Windows Media.

Examples of Blogger Widgets

There are a large number of blogger widgets that are available in cyberspace. Here are just a few:

  • YouTube has a fantastic widget that allows you to share your favorite videos on your MySpace page, your facebook page or your blog.
  • Google Adsense is the money maker. If your blog references a specific product, you can earn some money by putting the Google Adsense widget on your blog.

Blogger Widget Platforms

If you are considering adding widgets to your blog, you will need to obtain what is known as a widget platform. Some of these are quite useful. Others are pretty silly, albeit adorable. For example, consider the Bunny Hero Labs. This site allows you to "adopt" a pet widget and place your new found friend on MySpace, Facebook or any other blog. You can even change the pet's color, or give him or her a name.Bloggers who aspire to get their content out there, may want to consider the Clearspring Launchpad, which creates widgets that allow your friends to share your brilliant content on their personal blogs, MySpace and Facebook pages.

Music Platforms

Most people with MySpace pages know about MySpace music. However, many don't realize that you can use Myplaylist to create music lists on almost any blog or website. Signing up is easy. Just go to the website and choose a user name and password. Then, search for songs by artist or song title. Some people even create themes, like horror music, love songs or "80s retro gothic new wave."

Graphic Platforms

With sincere apologies to Duke Ellington, a blog don't mean a thing if it ain't got that bling. In hip-hop talk, "bling-bling" refers to sparkly jewelry. When discussing social network sites, bling refers to the glittery scripts and other graphics that you add to your page.

Effective Use of Widgets

Blogger widgets can be an effective way to increase blog traffic. They can also help you enhance your creativity, even if you don't have many artistic skills. However, the old adage, "everything in moderation," applies. When used correctly, these widgets will entice readers to visit and visit often. However, if used in excess, they can be annoying and distracting. Entice, but resist the temptation to overwhelm.

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