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Forget Netflix, these days it's all about podcasts. Podcasts have become exceptional resources for business, true crime, education and interviews. In fact, there is a podcast for absolutely any interest or curiosity. Keep reading »

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What is a podcast?

So, What Is a Podcast?

Everyday, many people ask themselves, "What is a podcast?" A podcast is actually an audio file that lives on the Internet, but the difference between a podcast and a regular audio file - such as an MP3 - is that the file has special information attached to it that allows a listener to subscribe to regular updates. Podcasts can be downloaded through a subscription service called an RSS feed. An RSS feed is simply a way for applications, like iTunes, to automatically search for new episodes of a podcast whenever ones comes out. Think of podcasts as radio shows that comes to you!

All About Podcasting

Podcasting has many different pros and cons, many of which you will learn about in the "What Is a Podcast" category. Whenever there is new technology introduced to the world, it is a good idea to figure out how it can be useful to you, and how it should not be used.

Here you will discover why podcasts are useful tools on the Internet, the many ways in which podcasts are used, how to download and listen to episodes at home, and ways that podcasters go about creating their shows. You'll even find instructions and tutorials on how to make your own podcast show, complete with recommendations for free software to get you started.

Podcasting is a huge part of the Internet right now, and podcasts are very useful for many purposes, including education and entertainment. Learn all you can to take advantage of this interesting medium, and maybe even learn how to contribute to this new and interesting craft!

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