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Blogs designed with Christmas Blogger templates will definitely help readers get into the holiday spirit, no matter what time of year.

About Blogger

Blogger is a free online weblog publishing system that allows users to post online journals on a regular basis. It is owned by Google and is one of many blog publishers available via the Internet. Blogger is one of the more popular weblogs because of its many features:

  • HTML editor that allows users to customize their templates
  • Variety of ready-to-use templates available
  • Google AdSense as a means of generating revenue
  • Allowing multiple authors
  • Support of Microsoft Word documents without reformatting text
  • Drag-and-drop template editing
  • Web feeds
  • Label reorganization

Finding Christmas Blogger Templates

A simple online search can return tens of thousands Christmas Blogger templates. Many of the skins are free, while the more elaborate designs can cost you a few bucks.

  • Template Panic has a classic red and white Christmas tree/present design available for free download.
  • Cool Template is offering a free Merry Christmas template for download.
  • Christmas Templates has a free three-column XML skin available for you to download.
  • B Templates has three choices of holiday templates available from Christmas trees to Santa Claus at the North Pole.
  • Snazzy Space has quite a few blogger templates. Some are animated and not all of them are in traditional red and green.

Samples of Other Christmas Blogs

If you can't find the Christmas template you want and are a whiz at HTML, create your own. Here are a few non-Blogger holiday themed weblogs to give you some ideas:

  • My Merry Christmas is a year-round holiday blog that covers a little bit of everything Christmas related.
  • Your Christmas Countdown has a great widget counting down the days to this year's Christmas.
  • Santa's Websitecombines several Christmas patterns to create an overall festive look.
  • Christmas Yuleblog celebrates the sounds of the season with reviews of some famous -- and not-so-famous -- Christmas carols.
  • The Christmas Blog network on Tumblr has numerous different Christmas blogs that you can visit and get inspiration from.

A Final Thought

It never really is too early to think about Christmas, especially if you publish a blog. While most people don't start thinking of the holidays until the fall, there are some who start a new countdown every year on December 26. Publishing holiday stuff in a blog does take some time to index in search engines, depending on your keyword phrases and topics. So if your blog is one that you know will get a lot of traffic for the holidays, publish often and early.

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