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Individuals who love all styles of holiday songs are sharing their enthusiasm through a variety of Christmas music blogs. This online venue allows them to write and share anything -- and everything -- they know and fancy about holiday music -- from favorite artists and lyrics to the history behind the tunes. Some blogs focus on modern-day Christmas songs, while many reminisce about hits from previous generations.

About Christmas Music

What can be said about Christmas music that most people don't know? Holiday music is that sweet, whimsical and comforting music you hear each year on the radio, iPod or CD player from mid-November until December 25. They come in a variety of genres including:

  • Classical
  • Comical
  • Religious
  • Traditional
  • Instrumental
  • Modern or pop
  • Jazz

These songs have been translated into many languages and recorded numerous times by different artists. The most recorded Christmas song is White Christmas with more than 500 versions in 12 languages available. The most popular Christmas tune is The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire).

Finding Christmas Music Blogs

There are many types of blogs on the Internet dedicated to Christmas music. Some are frequently updated throughout the year, while others are only done so during the winter holidays. Some are designed on plain backgrounds, so unless you read them carefully, you may not realize they are holiday-related. Other Christmas blogs are filled with yuletide spirit, from the fonts and graphics to the background colors and templates.

A Christmas Yuleblog

A Christmas Yuleblog came online in January 2006 and is written by an avid Christmas music collector who owns more than 600 Christmas music CDs and 60 albums. This is a great blog that has not only reviews of recently released Christmas CDs, but also of classic holiday albums. The blog's author, known only as CaptainOT, is always on the lookout for new holiday music to review, as well as out-of-print Christmas records, similar album covers and recordings of old-time holiday commercials or radio shows.

Free Christmas Music

This older blog, Free Christmas Music is still relevant even though it's not regularly updated. Jeff, the blog's author, brought his love of Christmas music to the Internet in 2006. His goal was to spotlight a holiday song, CD or album, including links to downloads and lyrics. His blog complements his website by the same name, a centralized location where online you can legally download holiday songs.

Antique Christmas Music

The Antique Christmas Music blog takes a look at holiday music from decades (and sometimes centuries) past. Since coming online in January 2008, author Sue Whitehead has been able to share her love and knowledge of old-time holiday tunes, including songs from Billie Holiday, Barry Gordan and Gilbert Gerard. MP3 Downloads of antique and unique Christmas songs are also available.

Cheerful Earful

For a great look at some vintage Christmas music albums and album covers, visit the Cheerful Earful blog by Inkydog. Started in December 2007, this active weblog take a classic look at holiday music from around the 1950s and 1960s, including showcasing the reproductions of many of these classic album covers. The blog is updated during the winter holidays, as well as during "Christmas in July."

Fa La La La La

This long-running blog, Fa La La La La has been "preserving the memories of vinyl past" since 2004. Written by "The King of Jingaling", this weblog serves as an online record of Christmas' past. Some of the most unique, yet memorable Christmas songs and albums are showcased here, some with MP3 downloads available.

77 Santas

Named after the Gayla Peevey song of the same name, 77 Santas highlights current and recent past holiday music with free sample downloads available on some of the tunes. Since coming online in November 2006, author JV has written about many things Christmas including his nostalgic look at the Top 27 Christmas Songs of 2007.

Christmas a Go Go!

The introduction on Christmas a Go Go! says it best: "Think Christmas when the candy tasted a little sweeter, the Christmas tree was a bit greener, and the snow whiter. This is our collection of the funniest, sweetest, and best of the classic Christmas songs ever, that will get you in the right spirit and get you the best compilation ever!" Since November 2006, weblog writer Meltorm has sporadically updated this blog with some of the best Christmas photos and song compilations on the Internet.

Create Your Own Holiday Music Blog

If you didn't see what you wanted in any of the these Christmas music blogs, consider writing your own. Blogs are simple to set up and update. Make sure you research any of your topics so you have optimal traffic. But most importantly, have fun with it. And if you are thinking of offering downloads of the music you are writing about, make sure you understand and follow all copyright laws associated with the tunes.

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