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If you've always loved the idea of having your own cafe, then Facebook Café World is the game for you. By playing Café World, you get to serve a steady stream of fun dishes to hungry customers, and watch them walk away content as your coin level increases and your points stack up.

What Is Facebook Café World?

Much like many other Facebook games, such as Mafia Wars and Farm Town, Café World is a time based game. The flow of the game is simple enough. Make sure you have your counters covered with food to serve to your customers, and then have items cooking on your stoves so that by the time they are ready you will have free counter space to serve the food to your customers. For every customer you serve you'll earn points and coins based on the value of the food you've prepared, so plan carefully and cook strategically if you want to advance quickly in this game!

How to Play Café World

Facebook Café World is a lot of fun, and like most Facebook games, it is also very addictive. The following are the basic steps to play this fun and social Facebook game.

  • Click on one of your available stoves to start cooking a dish.
  • Each dish has three ingredients that you need to prepare. Preparing a dish includes things like slicing tomatoes, mashing potatoes or dicing onions. Each item takes only a few moments to prepare once you click on the stove.
  • Once you're prepared all three ingredients, your dish will start cooking. Be sure to pay attention to the required cooking time when you choose which dish you plan to make. By carefully timing the cooking time of dishes on your stoves, you can make sure that there's always something ready to serve to your customers, even if there are other more valuable dishes that take longer to cook.
  • Once you start serving dishes to your customers by placing them on the counter, your café will immediately start earning coins and points. Don't worry about having customers, there will be a steady stream of hungry customers. You just need to make sure that you always have food available to serve to them!

While these are the basic steps to playing this fun game, there are also other aspects of the game to explore, like decorating your café using the coins that you earn, expanding your café into a larger building, or helping your friends by visiting their café and trying their food. There are so many fun ways to build your café and explore your creative side by decorating your café with any theme you like.

Facebook Café World Tips and Tricks

While the basic premise of this game may sound simple - cook food and serve it - there are many additional nuances to the game than meets the eye. The following tips will help you navigate through the details of the game with additional things you can do and the ways in which you can customize and expand your café. Review the following tips and you'll be able to build up coins and points faster and advance more quickly in the game.

  • Every dish that you choose to cook and serve costs a certain number of coins to produce. However, the dish will also earn you a number of coins per serving. The more expensive it is to make, the more that dish will earn per serving.
  • More expensive dishes usually also take longer to cook. Various foods can take from only minutes to several hours to several days to prepare, so plan out your stove use accordingly!
  • As you serve your customers, you'll earn coins and you'll also advance in levels. As you do, you'll unlock stoves and counters (and many other items) that will provide you with even greater opportunity to earn coins and points even faster. Try to focus mostly on your stoves and counter space - because the more of those that you have, the faster you'll earn and advance.
  • To buy new items that you unlock, just click on the "customize" button and then click on the item that you'd like to buy. Items like a stove and counter help you cook and serve more food, but many people have the goal of owning a café that reflects their own personality - whether that's a small, quaint café or a large and bustling fine restaurant.
  • If you want to, you can also visit your friends and spend time at their café. This is another approach to earn additional bonus points and coins.

Where you focus your efforts and what you choose to spend your coins on is really up to your own preferences and what you'd like to do with your café. It really depends on what direction you would like to take your café. Most people find that balancing the aesthetics of the café with the income earning potential is the best approach.

Final Words

If you've never tried Café World on Facebook, now is as good a time as any to dive in and start experiencing the pride and the feeling accomplishment that comes from establishing a bustling and successful café. Even though you may never accomplish your café ownership dreams in real life, at least you can live the dream in the virtual community known as Café World!

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