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Facebook Farm Town is an addictive little game that allows you to create and maintain a virtual farm. The application is easily added to your Facebook account and includes lots of extras to make it fun for all ages to play.

Facebook Farm Town Basics

The idea behind Farm Town is to set up and take care of your own farm. This involves many activities, such as:

  • Plowing farmland
  • Purchasing and planting seeds
  • Decorating the farm with various items
  • Harvesting crops to sell or store
  • Maintaining the land and crops
  • Taking care of farm animals

There is also an interactive nature to the game so you can involve your friends and make new acquaintances. Some of the interactive elements include:

  • Adding neighbors
  • Sending gifts to friends who are also playing the game
  • Inviting others on your friends list to play
  • Hiring other players to do tasks on your farm
  • Completing tasks on others' farms

Starting Out in Farm Town

To start playing Facebook Farm Town, add the application and name your farm. You'll then be able to create your character, using customizable fields for his or her appearance. Once your character is set, you'll start off with a small plot of farm land and some coins to get you started. You can start planting crops right away by first plowing the land and then purchasing seeds at the store. You can grow everything from rice to flowers to tomatoes.

You'll earn experience points as well as coins by playing the game. As you collect points, you climb the experience ladder to reach higher levels and get new labels. These levels unlock items in the store and allow you to do more things with your farm. Coins are used to make purchases in the store or to hire people to help you with your farming duties.

How to Earn Farm Town Coins

All of the items at the store require coins to purchase, so you'll need to start making "money" right away. Here are some ways that you can generate coins, which will allow you to expand your farm and include all kinds of new items.

  • Harvesting and selling crops: Crops bring in a set amount of coins, depending on what type of crops you have. Try to pick a variety of different seeds, as they all have varying periods of growth before you can harvest them. Once harvested, you have the option to store or sell your crops. Storing them for short periods and selling them all together will result in earning more coins.
  • Hiring people to harvest your crops: Here's a great tip to help you stack up some extra coins. Instead of harvesting your own plants, go to the marketplace and hire another farmer to harvest them for you. You'll earn a few more coins, and the other farmer will also get coins for helping you.
  • Help your neighbors: To see if any of your friends or neighbors need help on their farms, click on the "neighbors" tab at the top of the game window. There, you should see green text boxes that detail which friends need assistance. You'll have to purchase things like rakes or watering cans to help on these farms, but each item will return more coins than they cost.

More Facebook Farm Town Fun

There are some other elements to Farm Town that make the game engaging and fun. These include:

  • Trophies: You can earn trophies for various activities and experience levels in the game. For example, you'll get a trophy once you have five neighbors.
  • Gifts: Gifts can be almost anything, from plants to animals to decorations for your friends' farms. Sending gifts is free, and you can unlock new ones as you gain experience in the game. There are also seasonal gifts available throughout the year.
  • Decorating and planning your farm: Through the store, you can buy lots of things to set up your farm, such as fences, ponds and farming equipment. As you earn more money and gain experience, more items are available to make your farm truly unique.

Final Words

Farm Town can be very addictive, especially when you're just starting out and are trying to earn as many coins as possible. Once you've started playing the game, make sure to check in on your farm every day to keep an eye on your crops!

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