Facebook Smiley Codes

Facebook smiley codes
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There are several different smiley codes that work in Facebook chat. These codes can help enhance your experience while chatting by helping to convey emotion and intent. Learn and utilize the following smiley codes to help enhance your chat sessions.

What Are Facebook Smiley Codes?

Whenever you use any sort of instant messenger, you can usually insert cute little pictures in order to represent your emotions. These are more commonly known as "emoticons". People call them "smileys" because they originated from the very first smiley image that was embedded into early chat systems - the smiley face.

A List of Smiley Codes for Facebook

Facebook chat is a bit limited in the number of emoticons that are supported. In time, Facebook chat may evolve into a more functional instant messaging system, but for now there are only about two dozen Facebook smiley codes available. The following charts outline the most common and more popular smiley emoticons and some of the lesser know variations of the standard smiley faces that you can use in Facebook chat. Click on the image above to download a printable version.

If you need help downloading the printable version, check out these helpful tips.

Smiley Codes for Facebook Chat
Description Smiley Codes
Normal Smile
:-) :) :] =) Facebook Chat normal smile emoticon
Toothy Grin
:-D :D =D Facebook Chat toothy grin emoticon
;-) ;) Facebook Chat wink emoticon
Open Mouth Gasp
:-O :O :-o :o Facebook Chat open mouth gasp emoticon
:-( :( :[ =( Facebook Chat frown emoticon
Sticking Out Tongue
:-P :P :-p :p =p Facebook Chat sticking out tongue emoticon
Curly Smile
:3 Facebook Chat curly smile emoticon
:-* :* Facebook Chat kiss emoticon
8-) 8) B-) B) Facebook Chat glasses emoticon
>:( >:-( Facebook Chat angry emoticon
8->| 8| B-| B| Facebook Chat sunglasses emoticon
Very Angry
>:O >:-O >:o >:-o Facebook Chat very angry emoticon
o.O O.o Facebook Chat confused emoticon
:/ :-/ :\ :-\ Facebook Chat unsure emoticon
:'( Facebook Chat cry emoticon
Other Smiley Codes
Description Smiley Codes
:v Facebook Chat Pacman emoticon
(^^^) Facebook Chat shark emoticon
O:) O:-) Facebook Chat angel emoticon
3:) 3:-) Facebook Chat devil emoticon
-_- Facebook Chat squint emoticon
Chris Putnam
:putnam: Facebook Chat Putnam emoticon
^_^ Facebook Chat Kiki emoticon
<(") Facebook Chat penguin emoticon
<3 Facebook Chat heart emoticon
:|] Facebook Chat robot emoticon
:42: Facebook Chat 42 emoticon
(Y) Facebook Chat like emoticon

Express Yourself in Chat

Smiley codes help convey emotion and nuance that may be lost in a typed exchange. Keep this list of Facebook smiley codes handy and refer to it often as you chat to ensure that you express yourself exactly as you intend.

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Facebook Smiley Codes