Farm Town Designs

Farm Town Designs
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If you're a fan of the recent craze known as Farm Town, then it's very likely you'll often find yourself looking for Farm Town designs that are interesting, unique or efficient at earning you as many coins as possible.

Why Farm Town Designs Are Important

The way that you lay out your farm on this game determines the aesthetic quality of your farm as well as how productive it is. Some people play the game with the goal of developing one of the most intricate and amazing Farm Town designs imaginable, regardless of whether or not it produces many crops. On the other hand, a large majority of players try to develop designs on Farm Town that produce the most coins possible and that help them to advance more quickly.

Important Farm Design Tips

The layout of your farm really depends on what you want out of it. Farm Town is a very social game, so what motivates many people in terms of their design often has to do with how other people view their farm. The following are the most common techniques to accomplish a variety of goals when you're playing the game. Choose those that will help you fulfill your specific needs.

Creative and Interesting Designs

If your goal is the show off your creativity and style, then the following tips will let you do things with your farmland that many players might consider impossible. With a little bit of effort and a lot of patience, you can have hills, lakes and even a waterfall.

  • The land on Farm Town is quite flat. However, that doesn't stop many players from using design tools to create the illusion of elevation. You can do this by planting boxes and flowers or hedges close together in different rows, offset from row to row in just a way that makes it look there's some elevation under the plants.
  • If you've seen farms with lakes, here is how you can do the same thing on your plot of land. First, create the corner of a river and then add four dirt paths on the grass and then move them over the water. Finally, add another water tile over the dirt paths and slightly offset it to the side. Then move the dirt paths over again and add more water. Repeat over and over until you've created a lake as large as you like.
  • One of the most impressive design illusions is a waterfall. You can build these on your land by using the river tiles, but when you place subsequent water tiles as explained in the previous tip, you need to place them on top of the previous water tile and with a small side offset. Once you've finished a few tiles, you'll notice that it looks just like a waterfall. You can cover the sides by using the elevation illusion in the first tip above.

More Productive Designs

Some people don't really care about appearances and just want a farm that will produce as much as possible in very little time. Motives are usually either to generate a lot of coins, to level up quickly, or both. The following tips will help you design a much more effective and productive farm.

  • Choose the crops that take less time before they're ready to harvest. On the other hand, don't choose crops that are ready so quickly that you won't be prepared to harvest them when they're ready, because they'll go to waste. To have a farm with no waste, you should plot out the time-to-harvest (see Farm Town Spreadsheet) so that you can schedule when to come back and harvest them. This way you'll never waste coins on seeds.
  • When you're ready to plant trees on your farm, make sure you choose the ones that offer the most coins when harvested. Choosing the higher value trees from the beginning will make your farm far more valuable and productive.
  • Make use of friends and neighbors! Above all else, Farm Town is a social game, and your success depends greatly upon how well you get along with your neighbors. By working together on each other's farms, you'll not only earn a lot of coins from your own farm, but also from the work you do for others. So don't be a lazy farmer. Get out there and work!

Find Inspiration from Others

If you're really not sure how you want to configure your own Farm Town design, then take some time to explore the Internet and review some of the design techniques of other players. You'll almost always learn a few interesting techniques by reviewing what others have already done.

  • Facebook has a number of groups where you'll find discussion about the coolest designs on Farm Town.
  • WonderHowTo lists many pages of great videos on design techniques and tricks.
  • Google Images is probably the very first place you should look for images of how other players lay out their farms.

Final Words

Since Farm Town is one of the most popular social games on Facebook right now, it's very easy to find articles, forums, blogs and even cheat codes on the web that cover many techniques you can use to create the best layout for your farm.

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