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After playing Farm Town for a while, most players start wondering about the benefits of unlocking items for each of the Farm Town levels. In this guide, you'll learn about each of the levels, what items are unlocked, and how many levels there really are in the game.

What are Farm Town Levels?

As you play Farm Town, different things you do or buy can earn you experience points. Earning coins is also good because it lets you buy more things for your farm, especially as more items get unlocked in higher levels, but ultimately you want to do things that offer the most experience points if you're interested in leveling up as quickly as possible.

How Levels Work

When you first start playing Farm Town, you'll find that it doesn't take that long to advance. From level one to level two only takes 20 experience points. Another 30 get you to level three and then 50 more gets you to level four. Finally, you'll discover that strawberry seeds are unlocked, and you can gift pear trees to neighbors. Each unlocked item at higher levels provides you with an opportunity to earn even more points if you use them correctly. On the other hand, reaching higher levels also requires even more experience points as well. From level four to five takes 150, five to six takes 250, and it continues to increase as you go.

Levels, Experience Points and Items

Levels aren't complicated, but the objects that get unlocked at higher levels can give you a tremendous advantage in gaining more experience points and earning more coins. The following chart outlines how many experience points you need to advance to higher Farm Town levels and what items are unlocked as you make it there.

Farm Town Levels - Experience and Unlocked Items
Level Title Exp Points Needed Unlocked Items
Level 1 Getting Started 0 points None
Level 2 Just Moved In 20 points None
Level 3 Learning the Ropes 50 points None
Level 4 Apprentice 100 points Strawberry seets & gift pear trees
Level 5 Farmer 250 points Small House and Cart & gift Dogs
Level 6 Adept 500 points Cart with Barrels, wheat seeds & gift banana tree
Level 7 Promising Farmer 750 points Water well & gift pig
Level 8 Green Thumb 1,000 points Dirt Path and sunflower seeds & gift plum trees
Level 9 Popular Farmer 1,500 points Silo & gift cow
Level 10 Superb Farmer 2,000 points Stacked crates and coffee seeds & gift peach tree
Level 11 Talented Farmer 2,500 points Windmill & gift horse
Level 12 Talk of the Town 3,000 points Table with Stools & gift Cherry tree
Level 13 Distinguished Farmer 3,500 points Gift bunny
Level 14 Specialist 4,000 points Barb wire fence & gift mango tree
Level 15 Inspiring Farmer 4,500 points Barn, larger 14x14 plot & gift cat
Level 16 VIP 5,000 points Gift coconut tree
Level 17 High Achiever 6,000 points Small pond, larger 16x16 plot & gift donkey
Level 18 Master Farmer 7,000 points Farmhouse & gift palm trees
Level 19 Influential Farmer 8,000 points Squirrels, larger 18x18 plot
Level 20 Expert Farmer 9,000 points Hedge
Level 21 Eminent Farmer 10,000 points Woodshed and brown dog, larger 20x20 plot
Level 22 Mighty Farmer 11,000 points None
Level 23 Gifted Farmer 12,500 points Fruit Stand and Llamas, larger 22x22 plot
Level 24 Green Ace 15,000 points Stone Fence
Level 25 Acclaimed Farmer 20,000 points Larger 24x24 plot
Level 26 Just Brilliant 25,000 points Tent
Level 27 Extraordinary Farmer 35,000 points None
Level 28 Virtuoso 45,000 points Big Pond
Level 29 Green Prodigy 55,000 points None
Level 30 Awe Inspiring 70,000 points Greenhouse
Level 31 Force of Nature 85,000 points None
Level 32 Green Genius 100,000 points Stone Path
Level 33 Tycoon 120,000 points None
Level 34 Green Wizard 150,000 points Mansion

Level 34 is the highest level attainable in the game, and once you've reached this level the only way to continue playing the game is simply to keep farming and see how many points you can rack up. If you want, you can also redesign your farm by deleting structures and items and buying new ones with the coins you earn.

Final Words

As you can imagine, the experience points required at the highest levels are large and getting to that level is not a simple matter. As you finally reach the "Green Wizard" level of 34, you can buy your dream mansion. You've earned your bragging rights as a winner in Farm Town.

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