Farm Town Names

Farm Town Names

When people first start playing Farm Town, or they decide to rename their current farm, coming up with interesting or creative Farm Town names isn't always easy. Use the following tips to come up with a new name for your own farm and show off your creativity to all of your neighbors and friends!

What's in a Name?

Why not just leave your farm with a name like "Joe's Farm," or "Jen's Farm?" Some people spend many hours generating a farm that is well designed and also productive. After a while, the farm itself becomes something that people become proud of and they want a name that reflects the sort of farm they've created. While it would be a good idea to create your perfect name when you first start playing the game, many people don't think about it then. Don't worry - you can change your farm name at any time.

How to Change Farm Town Names

If you've never considered changing your name or you thought that doing so might be too complicated, then think again! Changing your Farm Town name is one of the simplest tasks on this game. Just follow this simple procedure.

  1. Click on the Account button
  2. On the account page, click on the Preferences button
  3. Replace the name in the "Display Name" field with your farm's new name
  4. Click on the Change button

Once you change the display name, the name of your farm that appears underneath your farm icon and on your neighbors' list of nearby farms will update to reflect the new name that you've entered.

Generating Farm Town Names

Now that you know how to change your farm name, how do you come up with one that's interesting? There are several approaches that you can take to come up with a farm name that's unique to your personality or to the appearance of the farm itself. Consider any of the following techniques and come up with a fun farm name that accurately reflects the appearance and features of your farm.

Use Olde English Place Names

Author James Rye wrote a couple of interesting guides that outlined how and why towns were named in certain ways when they were founded. In A Popular Guide to Norfolk Place-Names and A Popular Guide to Suffolk Place-Names, Rye described how the founders of various towns and places around the world came up with the names by using word parts that referred to either the names of the original family, the geography of the town or even referencing local natural features such as flora, fields or hills. The UK based website English Place Names lists a number of these word parts and their meanings. A few examples include:

  • Thorndon is a combination of thorn and dun, referencing a thorn tree hill
  • Ousden is a combination of uf and denu, meaning owls' valley
  • Downham uses the word part ham, which means homestead
  • Cantley ends in ey, which refers to an island
  • Elmswell uses the word part well, which means a spring

As you can imagine, by using the long list of place name elements from old traditional word parts, you can put together unique and descriptive Farm Town names without trying very hard.

Ask for Help from Others

Another option, if you're completely stumped for a farm name, is to ask other players for some ideas. Many times, you've been staring at your farm for so long that it isn't immediately obvious what the distinguishing features are. However, if you ask other players to take a look at the layout and appearance of your farm and offer their suggestions, you might be surprised at the wonderful feedback that you get. For example, one Farm Town player tried this at the SlashKey Farm Town Social forum, and after just a few suggestions was rewarded with the name "Hidden Springs," a perfect name for his farm which featured rivers that appeared to come straight up out of the ground like a spring.

If you can't come up with a name yourself, go ahead and post a request of your own at SlashKey or any other Farm Town forum - you might end up with just the perfect name for your farm.

Final Words

Even though Farm Town is only a game, your farm represents many hours that you've spent during your leisure time planting, harvesting and leveling up. The farm's name is something that should be meaningful to you and one that reflects the effort you've put into transforming a simple plot of land into a vibrant farm.

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