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Add a little yuletide spirit to your weblogs this holiday season with some free Christmas blog templates.

About Holiday Blog Templates

Templates enhance blogs by giving them a bit of flavor. They also give readers and visitors a glimpse into not only what your blog is about, but your personality as well. Many times though, the free templates that come with your free blogging software are straight-forward, cookie-cutter styles that don't leave much room for creativity. So your best bet around the holidays is often to change the font and font color and maybe add a few graphics here and there. This may help increase traffic to your site, but not always.

That's why there are free Christmas blog skins available. Depending on which software or program you are using, the templates will add another dimension to your blog: One full of the holiday spirit that visitors will enjoy and remember. It will keep readers coming back again and again. Many of these templates can be used with the free blogging programs (unless otherwise noted) such as:

However, read the fine print and terms of service to make sure the template can be used on your blog. Some free skins can only be used on personal weblogs and are forbidden on blogs used for commercial purposes. Some also require a link back to the site from where the template was downloaded.

Styles of Christmas Blog Skins

Free Christmas blog templates come in a variety of styles that include different fonts, graphics, images and designs. Some of the more popular styles of holiday skins include:

  • Graphics and Images
    • Angels
    • Bells
    • Religious symbols such as the Nativity
    • Holly leaves
    • Fir or Christmas trees
    • Characters from popular holiday movies such as The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Christmas cookies and candies
    • Presents
    • Ornaments
    • Christmas cards
    • Snowflakes and other winter scenes
    • Holiday lights
  • Fonts
    • Snowcaps
    • Christmas lights
    • Candy canes
    • Christmas trees
    • Ribbons
    • Snowflakes
    • Toy train
    • Holiday wreaths

Finding Free Christmas Blog Templates

There are quite a few places online that offer free Christmas skins for you to download:
  • offers quite a few contemporary designs as well as cute Christmas templates and a variety of traditional templates.
  • Christmas Templates has a few Blogger holiday templates available in festive colors with some great graphics.
  • Blogger Templates has three holiday themes from which to choose.

Final Word About Downloading Templates

Many of the blogging templates are available in HTML or XML codes and are easy to install and put into your blogs. Just follow the directions that accompany each site from which you are downloading.

However, make sure when you are downloading a template that you don't accidentally download a virus. To be sure, make sure the site loads easily and doesn't direct you to another unknown site. Legitimate sites will look professional with little errors. Sites with broken links or missing images is probably not a good site from which to download.

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