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Updating your avatar is a quick way to spruce up your online identity. You can choose a female avatar that looks eerily similar to you, or you can go the opposite direction and choose an image that is nothing like you whatsoever. With the wide selection of free avatars available, you can create nearly any online persona you like.

Download Free Female Avatars

Download any of these free avatars to your computer, and use them anywhere on the web. These cartoon-style avatars offer a fun way to represent yourself, particularly if one happens to match your looks. Just right click on an avatar below and choose "save image as" to save it to your hard drive.

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Eight Places to Find Free Female Avatars

There are plenty of resources online for free feminine avatars. From look-alike stock images to cartoons and celebrity avatar icons, you're bound to find an avatar you like no matter what your interests are. Check out the following sites to find one that really suits your style.

Sampling of female avatars from
Sampling of female avatars from
  • Female avatar from Icon Archive
    Female avatar from Icon Archive
    Icon Archive has more than 480 different female avatars for downloading. Most are free, but your are encouraged to give a donation in any amount to the artist that created them. Some avatars also require permission from the artist if you plan on using them commercially.
  • Avatar Abyss is the place to check out if you're into fantasy-style avatars because they have more than 1,500 different feminine avatars in the fantasy category. Choose from elves, fairies, warriors, and more.
  • All Avatars has a nice selection of different female avatars. Many are fantasy or portrait/painting style, but there are a few are photographs as well.
  • TipTopGlobe features more than 170 different feminine avatars. Many are photographs or manipulated images, although there are also a few are drawings.
  • Glitter Joy features multiple pages of female celebrity icons that can be used as avatars. Some feature scenes from movies or TV shows, but most simply show a close up of the woman's face. Some have the name printed, but most are blank.
  • VR Internal has created a gallery of 3-D, full-body female avatars free for use anywhere on the web. They can also be used in games and animated accordingly.

Find Your Avatar

Although female avatars are often designed to be the stuff fantasies are made of, keep in mind that some of the people chatting with you may think that your female avatar is an accurate representation of your true appearance. For this reason, don't select a female avatar that portrays an image you don't want people to assume is relative to you. With the thousands of different images out there to choose from, you're sure to find an avatar that portrays you accurately, regardless of your image or interests.

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