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If you need a new way to connect with your friends online, try challenging them to some free funny Facebook quizzes. These queries will not only test your knowledge of a certain subject, but that of your friends, their friends and their friends' friends.

About Facebook's Quizzes

The free quizzes found on Facebook are created by and can only be taken by registered users. They are on an array of topics and in a wide variety of languages. Once you take one, you can choose which friends you wish to compete against or just go straight to your results. You can also choose whether you want your results posted on your profile and whether you want you friends who have taken the same quiz to be notified of your results.

Once your friends take the same quiz, you can be notified of their results and find out who received the better score.

How Many Facebook Quizzes Are There?

It is impossible to determine exactly how many quizzes there are on Facebook. With more than 200 million active users -- 100 million checking in on a daily basis -- quizzes are constantly evolving. Television, movie and personality quizzes are very popular, as are surveys about love and friendship. You can also rate the quizzes you took based on a five-star rating. Some popular favorite free funny Facebook quizzes include:

  • What Sex and the City Character Are You?
  • What is the First Name of the Person You Will Marry?
  • Movie Pop Quiz

How to Find Quizzes on Facebook

If you are new to Facebook and haven't had any friends send you a quiz to take, you can always go directly to the application to find one you like. From here, you can choose from quizzes that are either top rated or most popular. You can take a gander as to what quizzes were just recently created today or this week. A few things you need to know:

  • Not all of the quiz applications you may find on Facebook were developed by the social network. There will be a note on the application stating if the app was developed by Facebook or not.
  • Not all of the quizzes make sense, score correctly or are even accurate. Remember, everyday people make up these quizzes and some of the answers may be wrong.
  • They can be addictive. Once you take one, you will want to take another and another.
  • All of your profile information, including your friends and other information is accessed when taking a quiz.

Non-Facebook Quiz Applications

As mentioned earlier, there are quizzes on Facebook created by non-Facebook applications. Those include:

Creating Free Funny Facebook Quizzes

If you love taking Facebook quizzes, try your hand at writing some. To make your own free funny Facebook quiz, you need to:

  1. Create a Facebook account
  2. Open the Applications link located on the bottom left side of your profile
  3. Click "On Facebook" in the left side tool bar
  4. Click "Just for Fun"
  5. Scroll down to "Make a Quiz"
  6. Click on "Make your own quizzes and turn them into your own real Facebook applications!"
  7. Click "Allow Access" (if you really want to but you can't continue unless you do)
  8. Start your quiz!

Information you will need to make a quiz includes:

  • Quiz name
  • Description
  • Language
  • Your intended audience
  • Picture

Have fun with this and make sure your information is accurate. There's nothing worse than taking a quiz finding out that all of the choices given are wrong.

A Final Note About Facebook Quizzes

It doesn't matter if it's Facebook quizzes you are creating and taking or another quiz site's, there are a few things you should heed. For starters, read all of the small print. You don't want to give out personal information on a website that is accessible by everyone else. If you are writing a quiz, make sure there is no objectionable or illegal information. On the other hand, if you are taking a quiz and find some of this information, you need to report it to the site's webmaster.

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