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If you plan to create a blog for business or pleasure, you have two choices - either use the blog template provided by your blogging platform or search the web for free, HTML blog templates.

Advantages of Free HTML Blog Templates

There are five excellent reasons for taking advantage of the many free HTML blog templates that are available on the Internet. These include:

  • Saving time
  • Saving money
  • Professional expertise
  • Distinctive design
  • Easy to Update

Using Templates Saves Time

Time, as they say, is always of the essence, and when it comes to blogging, everything is time critical. This can apply to both business and personal blogs. For example, if you are creating a blog to write about your business, you might have some important dates coming up in the near future. As such, you will want to have your blog go live as soon as possible. Even personal blogs can be influenced by time. If you had a strong reaction to a specific experience, you may want to write about it immediately. You can use a pre-designed blog template immediately.

Using Free Templates Saves Money

Money is always an important consideration. If you are completely unfamiliar with HTML, you might need to hire a professional web designer. This can end up costing hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, many blog designers simply enjoy showcasing their work, so there are many free templates available on the web.

You Don't Need to Learn HTML

While some people are completely comfortable with HTML, others are not. If you are baffled by this web programming language, it can take months to learn from scratch. Once again, time, and possibly money becomes an issue. Fortunately, downloading a blog template does not require advanced knowledge of HTML.

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Sure, Blogger, Wordpress and many of the other free blog platforms will give you a choice of design. However, these designs are pretty limited, and as a result most blogs end up looking more or less the same. With the hundreds of free templates in cyberspace, it's relatively easy to find one that suits your style and best expresses your ideas.

Keep Your Blog Up to Date

The word "evergreen" is often used when talking about Internet content. Indeed, some topics are timeless. However, others are consistently changing. For many people, a blog is a type of journal. In fact, "weblog" is the original name used for blogs, which implies that a blog can be compared to a log. As such, you may want the ability to periodically change your content. If you have a regular, HTML website, every time you want to update you will need to contact your web designer. Having a free blog template makes life easier. All you need to do is edit the template files to change your content.

How to Choose a Free Blog Template

Your blog is the most personal form of online expression. Your choice of template is thus a highly subjective decision. Look for colors that best express the theme of your blog. However, don't stop at color. Templates that come with different font styles can also make a significant impact. If you have a business blog, avoid using templates that might appear to be too busy. These types of blogs can be difficult to read, and might make your followers miss your most important points.

Where to Find Free HTML Templates

There are a number of places to download free blog templates. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that HTML templates are also called classic templates.

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