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Bloggers who like to customize their blogs often look for free WordPress headers. Luckily, there are numerous choices out there. No matter what your taste in blog headers runs to, chances are that you can find a free header for your WordPress blog if you know where to look.

Six Resources for Free WordPress Headers

There are many places to score a free header for your WordPress blog. Here are nine of the best resources for finding no-cost headers that are creative and stylish.

1. Theme Headers

Theme Headers has a great archive of headers with a variety of themes, some of which feature beautiful photography. Visit the album labeled, "WordPress Headers" to get hundreds of designs specific to WordPress blogs.

2. Angie Makes

Choose from six pretty designs featuring pink, gold, and white at Angie Makes. All are free to download for personal use.

3. Journey With Jess

The Journey With Jess blog offers seven beautifully designed headers that you can customize for your wordpress site. All our free to download and use.

4. Free Web Headers

Free Web Headers offers a wide selection of headers for WordPress blogs all free of charge. They also offer tutorials on how to get your own text into the header. Search by category to help narrow down the hunt. You can choose from photo, illustrative and abstract header categories.

5. The Cutest Blog on the Block

The Cutest Blog on the Block designs entire blogs and websites, but also offers countless different headers that can be used free of charge. Choose from illustrations, photos or scrapbook style headers that you can personalize with your own text and some images.

6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine asked several different designers to come up with blog headers that were free to download and use by readers. The result is an eclectic collection of cartoon, illustration, abstract and photographic banners that blog owners can download and use.

Get the Right Look for Your Blog

A new header can dramatically change the appearance and navigation of your blog. Make sure to select a header that works well with the rest of the theme on the page and install it properly to ensure the best results. With a so many free header resources to choose from, you can continuously update the look of your blog whenever you choose to do so.

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