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Figuring out how to contact Facebook can be tricky, since there is no contact form or link handy on most of the pages on the site. If you have questions or concerns about this popular social media site, here are a couple of ways you can find answers or ultimately get in touch with the people who run Facebook.

Finding Out How to Contact Facebook

Navigating through the informational pages on Facebook can be hit or miss, since the organization of these pages isn't always intuitive. The first place you should go to find a contact form is the Help Center, which is linked at the bottom of every page.

Once you reach the main Help Center page, browse the list of categories to find the one that most closely relates to your question, problem, or comment. From there, if there are contact forms associated to your topic, you'll be able to fill out the form and wait for a reply.

One of the sections in the Help Center is titled "Suggestions." You can use this form to suggest changes to many different aspects of the site, but be aware of the notice informing users that they are not likely to reply.

Alternative Ways to Contact Facebook

Often times, the staff at Facebook doesn't have time to answer each inquiry directly. In these cases, especially if you feel your concern is a serious one, you'll have to dig a little deeper to find out how to contact Facebook.

Here are a few tips for finding out who to contact and how to reach them:

  • If your question or concern is in regard to an application, such as games, quizzes, or items that you send to your friends, it should be directed to the developers of that application. Look for a fan page for the application itself, where you can find the developer right through Facebook.
  • If you have a problem with a specific user, try contacting him or her directly first.
  • To contact the Causes network on Facebook, check this Facebook Causes page to find appropriate e-mail addresses.
  • Some basic e-mail addresses, such as and are active, but it can take several attempts to reach them to hear anything back.

Contacting Facebook by Phone

Currently, Facebook doesn't have live telephone support. The website lists a working phone number -- (650) 543-4800 -- where you can leave a message and hope for a response.

Best Ways to Ensure a Reply

When you're sending off e-mails to a major company such as Facebook and waiting for a reply, there are a few tips you can use to improve your chances of hearing back from them:

  • Use the e-mail address associated with your account, and include your login name. You don't need to include your password, which is private and not to be shared with anyone.
  • Include the date of the e-mail, the date of the incident (if applicable), and as much detail as possible about your question or comment. Make sure you keep adding this information in all subsequent attempts to contact them.
  • Try to stay patient and refrain from attacks or abusive language. You may be upset that you haven't heard from Facebook in regards to your e-mail, but keep in mind that they have millions of users and must receive volumes of e-mail inquiries every day.

Help Discussions

If you still can't find a suitable way to contact Facebook, you can try using the Help Discussions section of the site to post your question and see if other users can help you out. This should be a last resort, however, as many questions here go unanswered.Browse through the posted questions first, skipping those with no answers, to see if help has already been provided.

Facebook is a large site with many different developers and companies vying for your attention. If you can narrow down the target for your question or comment, you'll have an easier time of reaching the appropriate person or department. Be patient in waiting for a response, while continuing to try all avenues of contact.

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How to Contact Facebook