How to Get on Facebook at School

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With the growing popularity of social networks, more and more young people are trying to find out how to get on Facebook at school. Most schools have a policy against using social networks like Facebook or MySpace, so checking your account from school isn't always easy.

Should You Learn How to Get on Facebook at School?

Most schools ban the use of social websites from school networks for a variety of reasons. Most school computer clusters are used as classrooms for a number of reasons, and allowing social networks could invite the temptation to send a text message to friends rather than doing homework. Additionally, many social networks, like Facebook, present a security hazard in the form of viruses and malware.

Using a Proxy Server to Bypass Your School Firewall

There are safe ways to learn how to get on Facebook at school, and then there are certain methods that could get you kicked off of the school's computer system, or even suspended. The inappropriate method of bypassing the school's firewall is by using a proxy server to "trick" the school's firewall into thinking that you're using the web browser to visit a site that's considered safe. However, that site actually forwards you to Facebook. This process works as follows.

  1. First, you set up an Undetectable Proxy on a PC or server at your house, your friend's house, or use any of the top proxy sites that are available online.
  2. When you're at school, you type the URL address of the proxy server into the web browser on the school PC.
  3. The school PC browser connects to the proxy server, and the proxy server forwards all traffic to and from Facebook through its own URL.
  4. As far as the firewall is aware, the only website you're visiting is that of the proxy server, not Facebook.

Problems Associated with Using a Proxy Server

There are a few complications when people use a proxy server. Some more advanced firewalls are configured to block access to all proxy servers. So, using a proxy requires a constant game of cat and mouse, where you need to locate the latest new proxy servers before the network security community figured out that it's a proxy. This means that even if you find a proxy server that works today, the odds are pretty good that it won't work tomorrow. The other danger with using a proxy server from a school network is that once the network administrator figures out that you've been using a proxy server to access Facebook, you could get in trouble.

How to Get on Facebook at School Safely

If your school has a policy to block Facebook and other social networking websites, a safer approach would be to access Facebook during the school day from other networks that do allow social networking.

Checking Your Facebook Account From a Mobile Phone

Just like you can access Twitter from a mobile phone, there are also ways that you can Facebook on your phone.

  • If you have a mobile phone or device with cellular Internet access, then all you have to do is open up your browser and visit and you can check your Facebook account during the day.
  • If you have a more advanced mobile device that you can install applications onto, like an iPhone or a Blackberry, then visit the Mobile Facebook page and download the Facebook mobile application for your particular phone.
  • There are also a number of third-party applications you can install onto your mobile phone to access Facebook, such as F'im.
  • If you have a simple cellphone, you can still access your Facebook account through SMS by enabling your Facebook account for SMS access. Just go to your account settings and click on mobile, then click to activate your phone and follow the directions.

While accessing Facebook from school with your mobile phone should keep you out of trouble with the network administrator, keep in mind that if you use your phone during class to check your Facebook status, you could still find yourself in hot water. Stay safe and only check Facebook during lunch or during free time.

Final Words

At some schools, kids are allowed to leave the school premises during lunch period. If you have this privilege, then you might consider visiting a local library or public Internet cafe during your lunch period in order to check your Facebook account. Sometimes, the safest option is just to keep your social networking activities completely away from your school activities - and checking your account during lunch or simply waiting until you get home will ensure that while you're at school - you're as productive and studious as possible.

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