Instant Message Chat Webcam

Webcams can speed up communication

If you are looking for a way to communicate with family and friends then an instant message chat webcam might be just the answer.

What is Instant Messaging and Chat?

One of the new ways of communicating online is via instant messaging or chat software. This has revolutionized the way that people can keep in touch using the Internet. Unlike emails where messages are written and sent to the recipient's email inbox to await their opening and reading of it, instant messages are just that - instant. The message is typed into a form and sent to a recipient in the address list. Assuming that the other person is online, the message gets delivered directly to their computer screen allowing them to answer immediately. Chat facilities work in a similar way and this means that people can 'chat' in real time over their computer Internet connection. This great facility isn't limited to one person and groups of people can meet and chat at the same time. This is useful for families and friends to keep in touch.

Using an Instant Message Chat Webcam

Although instant messaging and chat facilities are relevantly new, this is a very fast moving industry and new developments are taking place all of the time. One recent development is the use of webcams with instant messaging and chat software programs. These are attached to the computer or laptop and switched on during an instant messaging or chat session. If the other party also has a webcam it means that both people can see each other during the session. Not only is this great fun, but it is also a great way to add visual content to a chat. Instead of describing an object, simply hold it up in front of the webcam for the other person to see!

There are many benefits of using an instant message chat webcam and these include:

  • It's a quick and effective way to share information. It saves on typing time and gives the other party a quick way to see what you are referring to.
  • This is a great way to put a face to a name. When chatting with people that you are unfamiliar with or have never met, using a webcam allows you to see each other and get a better idea of who you are talking to.
  • Webcams are more effective than emoticons for expressing emotion. One of the great draw backs of electronic communication is that it is sometimes difficult to know how a comment is meant to be taken. Seeing someone's face will instantly indicate whether they are joking or being serious about something.

Buying a Webcam for use with Instant Messaging and Chat Facilities

Webcams are now very common and most computer stores sell a wide range of these gadgets. They start with very basic versions that offer little in the way of special features and go through to advanced and more costly models with lots of highly specified features and functionality. The type of webcam required will depend on the way it is to be used, however, for most occasions the basic models are fine. Most modern webcams come complete with a 'driver'. This is the software that operates the webcam and this is simple to install. Once installed, using a webcam is extremely straightforward, and it simply needs to be opened on the computer to make it work.

Tips for Using a Webcam for Instant Messaging and Chat

Here are a few tips to help make the maximum use of a webcam:

  • Before using the webcam 'live', run a few practice sessions. This will help to ensure that the webcam is focused correctly and is neither too near or too far from your face.
  • Use the audio facility to talk to the other parties, this saves time and avoids the need for typing.
  • Webcams can also be used as still digital cameras which is ideal for taking quick snapshots while you are at your computer. These can quickly be attached to instant messages for delivery to other people.

Webcams can be great fun as well as being an extremely useful method of communication.

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Instant Message Chat Webcam