MP3 Codes for Friendster

MP3 codes enhance your profile.

For those wanting to add music to their personal networking site, it's possible to paste MP3 codes onto a Friendster page. Music adds a nice dimension to your profile and since streamlining a song is easy and not time-consuming, adding it is certainly worth considering.

Using MP3 Codes with Friendster

Friendster became extremely popular a number of years ago and was considered the first Internet social networking site. Although Facebook is far more popular, Friendster is still an active site among users in Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

Many like to place MP3 codes for Friendster into their profiles so that friends who visit their page can listen to various songs by popular artists. MP3 provides a near-perfect quality for sound files on the Web.

Choosing Which Codes to Use

Along with each listed song there are four different ways to include the song on a web page, three of which will work in your Friendster profile:

Embed: This is the flashiest way to include a song, because it includes a little "media player" along with the song itself. The code, however, can be a bit complex:

<embed src="" flashvars="configURL=" allowfullscreen="false" width="305" height="108" scale="noscale" align="top" wmode="transparent"> </embed>

The various parts of the code are fairly straightforward:

  1. "embed" is the tag at the beginning and end, which lets the browser know that there is a special multimedia element coming up.
  2. "src" is where the actual song file comes from, in this case a Flash (.swf) file hosted on
  3. "flashvars" lets the swf file know which song file to use (this will change for every song, and this is only an example).
  4. The next few parts are simply elements of page formatting, specifying the appearance, size, and alignment of the .swf file. also includes a link back to its site in the embed code, but it's not necessary to include it on Friendster. However, this "embed" code will only work with the codes included on The other two methods below will work with any file you can link to on the web.

HTML Code: You can also choose simply to include a link to the file using standard HTML anchor tags:

<a href="" target=_blank>Just The Way You Are (remix) (feat Lupe Fiasco) - Bruno Mars Mp3</a>

It's important to note the "target=_blank" section, which means that when someone clicks on the link it will open up in a new page. On your Friendster page, this link would look like this:

Just The Way You Are (remix) (feat Lupe Fiasco) - Bruno Mars Mp3

URL Code: If you don't want to use that title for your link, you can also just use the URL for the song, also provided on MP3codes, and have the text of your link read anything you like. The URL itself for the Bruno Mars song example is

The final form of "embed" code is called "Forum Code" and is not suitable for Friendster. However, you can use a shortcut and click on the "Add this to your profile!" button at the bottom of every post . This will ask for your Friendster username and password and automatically insert the appropriate code into your profile. There are other automatic music code generators available on the web that you can use with any URL.

You can also find more tutorials for including MP3s on your profile at There are many tricks to customize your Friendster profile such as streamlining codes. The members of this site give guidance to a variety of topics for making your Friendster page the best it can be. There is even a video on YouTube that explains and shows step-by-step how to add the correct code.

Selecting Music That Reflects You

Once the code is included on your page, it will play when friends peruse your profile. Remember, the music your choose is a reflection of you. It will make a lasting first impression, so make sure you choose appropriate songs for the people who will be viewing your profile.

Enjoy Meeting and Sharing

Have fun getting to know people from all over the world as you participate in the social networking site of Friendster! Be sure to follow the rules of etiquette for being on the web. Part of that etiquette is making sure that you have tasteful music on your page. The music you choose could inspire others to want to visit your profile and read all about you.

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