Mafia Wars Loot for Sale

Places to Get Mafia Wars Loot

Looking for Mafia Wars loot for sale on the Web? There are a lot of places to acquire loot quickly and easy, with nothing more than a little real money necessary to get ahead in this online game.

Mafia Wars: All Fun, None of the Bodies, the creators of popular games like Farmville, created Mafia Wars as a role-playing and turn-based game that operates across many social media networks. Facebook tends to be the most popular, but many other devices - even the iPhone - can be used to start your family, connect with other characters, take on missions, and acquire both power and loot. The game has become one of the most popular apps on Facebook, with over 25 million players.

The loot ranges from material goods (such as trying to steal the Mona Lisa) to "practical" items like TNT and gaff hooks. Why would you want a gaff hook? That's easy: it gives you a 20 on attack and a 30 on defense when your character is in a combat situation. Not only that, but it's specific to the Cuba section of Mafia Wars - and you have to be up to a certain level to get access to that kind of loot.

That's the whole point of Mafia Wars loot for sale on various sites on the Web - it is a way to acquire equipment and other materials in a way that is outside the game, enabling you to get more of what you need to get ahead in the game.

Is Buying Loot Cheating?

Some people may consider that buying loot - rather than getting it through the "traditional" way of playing the game - is cheating. This is kind of an amusing outlook about a game that is designed to let the players take the roles of criminals operating outside the law. Unlike other cheat engines and other games where players have found flaws in the system that can be manipulated to acquire "coins" and other materials, the loot from Mafia Wars that you find on the Web was actually acquired within the game - in other words, through "fair play." The fact that someone may want to sell their "501 Armored Car" instead of using it for their own character doesn't seem to fall into any definition of cheating.

Where to Find Mafia Wars Loot for Sale

An entire cottage industry of sites selling Mafia Wars loot has sprung up all over the Internet, but like anything else, the quality of the sites can vary immensely.

Mafia Wars Maniac offers very practical advice on techniques of game play, but also serves as a marketplace for some of the more well-organized Mafia Wars loot sites. Buy Mafia, for example, has a layout that is clearly defined by phases of the games as well as "collections." It also offers a section of "consumables" and "boosts" that can be used to help your character make it past some of the more difficult levels of the game.

The best source for information, though, is the Mafia Wars community itself. All of the sites above have forums and reviews from players discussing which sites are reputable, where to find the most rare items, and occasionally even selling or trading loot with each other. Play Mafia Wars long enough and you may find that equipping other people is more fun that stealing the virtual Mona Lisa any day.

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Mafia Wars Loot for Sale