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Whether you're a woman looking to buy a perfect swimsuit for your man, or a man searching for the latest on swimwear trends, men's bikini swimwear blogs can be handy and informative. Covering trends and places to buy great bathing suits for the guys, these blogs are usually full of photos and tips for the fashion-forward beach lover.

Style Conscious

Men who are style conscious away from the beach also care about what they wear to the beach. Very often, as it happens in the fashion world, swimwear styles change. Therefore it is important to stay abreast of what's current. The best way to keep up with what's happening at the waterfront is by frequenting men's bikini swimwear blogs and forums for style, price and practical bikini swimwear issues. Staying involved and active on the blogs is a great way to be sure you get all of the latest information and tips for your beach or pool style.

Types of Men's Bikini Swimwear Blogs

The blog world is full of many different types of blogs on men's fashion with bikini swimwear falling into three main categories.

  • Product Blogs

Product focused blogs feature particular brands and labels. They bring news of sales, clearances and specials to the blog reader and offer information on product reviews and recalls. The blog writer on men's swimwear will usually always have current information on swimwear from major manufacturers. Some may also be able to offer rebates and discounts directly from the manufacturer.

  • Educational Blogs

Educational blogs typically focus on practical information like how-to's, styling do's and don'ts, and the why's of bikini chic. These types offer a wealth of information since the blogger will usually be fashion-forward individuals themselves.

  • Fashion / Editorial Blogs

Blogs that focus on fashion and editorial slants will offer information on what's currently fashionable, what's not, men's swimwear bikini reviews, photos of male models in bikinis and information about where you can find the bikini swimwear.

Blogs About Men's Bikini Swimwear

There are many blogs about men's bikini swimwear. Here are a few well-developed blogs that will offer quality and honest opinions as well as fashionably current information on men's bikinis.

Underwear Fanatic

The Underwear Fanatic blog talks about exactly what its name indicates. Quite appropriately named, it brings you the ultimate best in what's trendy, what's hot, why it's hot, how to find it and who's wearing it. They also have relationships established with men's bikini swimwear vendors and regularly offer sales and price reductions on the latest styles. You may feel fanatical too once you see what all this blog has to offer.

The Underwear Site

The Underwear Site blog is a resourceful blog that gives practical, no-nonsense information on bikini swimwear for men. The blog highlights topics like bikinis versus swim trunks, how to measure your body correctly for a bikini, lists of store closings to find discontinued bikinis, liquidation sales and an interactive chat forum for consumers.

Undies Drawer

The Undies Drawer blog offers a fine but balanced mixture of sales, product reviews, editorial insight and a little humor to give you a place that keeps you coming back repeatedly for their well thought out and developed information on men's bikinis.

Finding the Blog You Need

With the right resources and information in the form of men's bikini swimwear blogs, you can find styles and prices on men's bikinis to suit your taste, budget and personality. Researching, reading and social networking via blogs are all steps to take to ensure that you find the right blog for your personal needs.

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