Music Marketing Via Social Networking

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It used to be that bands had to play out every single night in order to market themselves to the masses but music marketing via social networking is the key to their success and salvation. Bands used to (and still do) work all day in order to pay the bills. They had to hope and pray that one day - somehow - in one of these shady, smokey, low-lit bars that a record executive would happen upon them. This is no longer the case and boy are bands happy about it!

The Beginning of a Music Revolution

With the invention of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking websites the sky is the limit when it comes to getting your music heard by the masses. These soon-to-be music greats now only have to worry about making great music because now they can post it online free.

Music marketing via social networking has since become the easiest way for any unsigned talent to get his or her name out there to the public. MySpace has become the number one spot in which to achieve stardom without bands ever having to leave the comfort of their studios.

Making Music Stream

Fans of every genre of music can find what they need through any social networking website. With so much music that you can stream onto your computer, you would never run out of great tunes to listen to. Bands from all over the world are beginning to realize that streaming music - be it live or Memorex - is cost effective (because it is free after all) and they reach a broad range of new fans the world over.

Equipment of the Soon to be Pros

The tools of the trade are simple. A mixer or software attached to a computer, your bandmates and some great tunes. They simply need to play and let the computer catch the music and digitize it. Once inside the computer the would be sound engineer can utilize the software and change it all up to whatever he or she wants it to sound like.

Once happiness occurs, the songs are compiled and turned into media. The choice of any social networking site is Mpeg Layer 3 or, as you all know it, MP3. This compressed audio is small enough to allow anyone to download it but with MySpace you simply need to upload your song somewhere then establish a link through MySpace that the user can click on. It is then only a matter of seconds before you can sit back and enjoy the music.

Music Marketing Via Social Networking is the Future of Music

The music industry is very lucrative and very greedy one. What is a young talent to do? Music marketing via social networks is the current trend and there is no sign of it stopping. There are only so many producers out there willing to give young, fresh talent a look and to get a second glance usually means selling your soul. Even if you do make this pact with the devil, you have to abide by his rules. It is easy to say that the future of music is here and it is staring us directly in the face. The beauty of it is that it happens to be completely free.

Bands want to be seen. In fact, they have to be seen because if they aren't noticed or heard then there is no point in making music. Most of these artists aren't in the business to make millions of dollars or to be featured on an episode of MTV Cribs. They just want to be heard and appreciated and that is where music marketing via social networking comes in to the picture.

It doesn't end at just MySpace. Facebook allows you to publish near anything you like. You can create your own website where post your MP3 songs for download, photos and even stream video. If the band is feeling particularly frisky, the group can start up a band blog and provide daily updates. Overnight they can generate enough fanfare to keep their band going for a long time to come.

Safety Concerns

Social networking sites have grown in popularity at such a tremendous pace that they are more like a culture then a place to just chat. New technology is created all the time and as it's implemented more fears begin to manifest. Social networking websites are no different and it makes you wonder if social networks are more harmful to society then they are a help. When you consider all of the recent bad press associated with MySpace and other social networks it is no wonder why user safety is now a primary concern. When you lump them all together you make a mistake because users don't realize that MySpace and Facebook have different safety concerns.

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Music Marketing Via Social Networking