Tips for Using the MySpace Login Page

The MySpace Header

The MySpace login page seems like a typical login page. Did you know that you can do some things without even logging in? The MySpace login page offers you a lot of functionality. Continue reading to see what you can and can't do from the main part of the website.

What Is MySpace?

MySpace is a social networking site where you can keep up with friends, find new ones, listen to music, play games and perform other tasks. Like similar sites you can join a variety of groups, add different apps to enhance your personal profile and even chat within the MySpace page with a proprietary instant messenger. MySpace was founded in 2003 and remains one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet.

MySpace Login Page

Whatever browser you use, type to reach the login page. At the top of the page you'll see the MySpace logo. If this is your first time using MySpace, then check out the immediate right of the logo. You have the option to take a tour or change the language to Spanish, which changes the format of the webpage slightly. The tour is a quick, four-tabbed introduction to MySpace and should take you no more than five minutes to read.

In the same heading as the logo, located on the right, is a search bar. With the ability to search all of MySpace for people, music, images and more without logging in or signing up, you can see if any of your friends are on MySpace.

The menu bar, which is right under the logo heading, contains pages you can browse without signing in.

  • Home: If you get lost on MySpace, this takes you to your profile page or the login page, depending on if you're signed in.
  • Browse People: Enter some search criteria, like age range or zip code, and see who's near your or if any users have similar interests as you.
  • Find Friends: This is exactly what it sounds like. Search by name, organization, job, email and more.
  • Local: Your zip code is your gateway to find local restaurants, hotels, bars and more when you click on the "Local" tab.
  • Music, Video, Games: With any of these sections, you can search for the respective subjects. If artists have allowed you to, you can add songs or videos to your profile page.
  • More: Additional topics like adding applications, visiting the comedy section, or using the chat client are located here.

The Second Half

Moving down, you will see a large ad before getting to the second half of the page. On the right is the sign-in field that goes by your email address. Click the 'Remember Me' button if you want MySpace to automatically insert your email address and password for you. The main portion of the screen is dedicated to letting you know what is going on around MySpace. The Today on MySpace box communicates any news via four tabs: Featured, Videos, Music and Celebrity Updates. While you can find interesting news bits about celebrities, this section seems to be used a lot for promoting bands, albums and various contests. The Celebrity Updates tab is appealing because if you follow certain celebrities, they apparently appear instead of random stars.

What's at the Bottom?

Like most websites, the bottom of the page is reserved for "corporate stuff." Copyrights, privacy policy and the terms of use are located at the end of the page, separated by a gray colored box. This is a useful section if you wish to advertise, develop applications or simply need support with the site.

The MySpace login page is where you begin your journey. Getting lost is easy when you start looking for friends and perusing the music section. When in doubt, just hit 'Home' and everything will be fine again!

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Tips for Using the MySpace Login Page