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Naturist blogs permit individuals who relish nudity to network among themselves. They also provide an entry way that allows newcomers to learn about the naturist culture. The crux of the movement lies with the phrase "Nude is not lewd," in that the promotion of health and community through nudism isn't perversion; it's just an alternative means to happiness.

Ten Popular Naturist Blogs

Naturist blogs contain information about how people are expressing this lifestyle through daily living and social activities.Some of these sites offer basic information regarding the culture, while others host pictures, philosophies, activities and more. Plus, many of the blogs on this topic link to one another. Exploring these blogs is a great way to learn more about naturist culture and interact with people who share your interests.

1. Eco Nudes

Eco Nudes serves as a central online repository for nudists who pursue a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and who are concerned with global warming and climate change. Anyone can participate by simply creating an account.

2. Nudist Travel Guide

Nudist Travel Guide offers reviews, news and additional resources regarding nudist events, conferences and activities. It's updated only a few times each year, but each post provides a summary of activities for the upcoming months.

3. Young Naturists America

Young Naturists America is a fast-growing community blog that permits anyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation to participate. The organization is actively looking for volunteers to assist with office work and more.

4. Heroic Nudist

Heroic Nudist is full of information, reflections, and issues that face the naturist and nudist community. While more introspective than other blogs, this one invites commentary and debate.

5. Peter's Nudist Page

Peter's Nudist Page tells the story of a gentleman who has been participating in nudist culture since 1997. Peter, as the blogger is known, provides detailed manifestos pertaining to his experiences with nude modeling, nude skiing and the nude lifestyle in general.

6. Nudist Friends

Nudist Friends is a directory of sorts with dozens of regularly updated blogs from nudists across the world, from Arizona to the UK. There's also a forum, as well as access to a live nude beach expert.

7. Terra Cotta Inn

Terra Cotta Inn is a blog for a nudist inn located in Palm Springs. It provides an easy way to stay ahead of not only nudist culture, but also the latest promotions at the inn. It's essentially the top information resource for all nudist activities occurring in Palm Springs.

8. Naturist Living Show

Naturist Living Show offers discussions on naturism, as well as interviews with notable naturists like Jim Smock, the Executive Director of the American Association for Nude Recreation. The site is operated by the employees of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

9. Biblical Naturist

Bible Naturist presents naturist philosophy through the eyes of a Christian. According to the site's opening statement, in fact, "God's Word actually supports the naturist perspective of the human body."

10. Clothes Are Optional

Clothes Are Optional, a subsidiary of Naturist Accommodation UK, provides reviews of the top nudist resorts and hotels in the United Kingdom. The site also accepts guest posts regarding other nudist locations on the European continent.

Nude But Not Rude

If you'd like to participate in any of these blogs, approach the owners with professionalism and tact, and be respectful of the fact that you have a chance to interact with others who participate in or are interested in the naturist culture. If you have an interest in starting a site of your own, try making your own blog on Blogspot or a similar platform.

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