Paranormal Chat Rooms


Whether you're looking for a place online to trade spooky stories back and forth, or if you are looking for a place where you can debate and dispute aliens, ghosts, and psychic activity, paranormal chat rooms can be a great place to have some fun. Be forewarned: You'll probably encounter some interesting characters during your visit.

Paranormal Discussions

The term paranormal can encompass a wide variety of topics including:

  • Ghosts and subjects related to the afterlife
  • Aliens and intelligent life other than humans
  • Psychic abilities
  • Anything else that cannot be explained using scientific knowledge

You may also encounter an intermingling of various conspiracy theories and other interesting topics in paranormal chat rooms. It's a common theory that the government either knows all about paranormal activity, or even that the government controls this activity.

Authentic discussions regarding paranormal activity will probably not include:

  • Satanic references
  • Witchcraft

If you visit a chat room and the conversation is primarily centered on satanic rituals or spells for witchcraft then you will probably want to move on to a different chat room, unless you are intrigued by these topics.

Find Paranormal Chat Rooms

If you already have a certain website you like to visit for a variety of chat topics, check to see if the site offers any paranormal chat areas. It is a fairly common theme for online discussion, so if you already visit a site for chat then there is a good chance you can stick with the same site and get involved with some very interesting discussions.

  • Facebook offers chat rooms for both individual and group use. Like MySpace, you must have an account with Facebook before you can access the chat feature but there is no fee for an account.
  • Paranormal and Ghost Society has a chat feature that is only accessible to visitors who register with the site and actually join the Paranormal and Ghost Society.
Chat about the paranormal.
  • Chatterhead claims to have the most active paranormal chat room on the Internet, boasting a large number of active members. This site offers a variety of different chat room topics including ghosts, psychic activity, and reincarnation.

This is merely a brief listing of chat rooms dedicated to paranormal topics, as there are plenty of other sites to choose from. Obviously, the paranormal is a widely discussed topic.

What to Expect

If this will be your first time visiting a chat room focused on paranormal topics, then you might be wondering what type of chat you can expect. These types of chat rooms are usually brimming with a variety of people, including those who:

  • want to discuss their own personal paranormal experiences
  • want to learn more about the paranormal
  • are intrigued by paranormal topics and enjoy chatting about them
  • are skeptical and visit these chat rooms to debate the topics

Keep in mind that - just like with any other type of chat room - you don't truly know who is on the other end of the conversation. A fellow chatter may claim to be a psychic and urge you to send your credit card number for a personal consultation, but you should never indulge in something that requires handing your credit card number over to someone via an online chat.

Be caustion and observe security protocol, but enjoy the interesting conversations you are bound to encounter in these chat rooms.

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Paranormal Chat Rooms