Scrapbooking Blog Designs

Scrapbooking elements for a blog
Your blog can look like a scrapbook.

Are you looking for scrapbooking blog designs? scrapbooking is a popular pastime, and with a little work, you can easily make your blog look just like your favorite scrapbooking project.

How to Find scrapbooking blog Designs

Blogging is only a step away from scrapbooking, so it makes sense that you would want to design your blog the same way. An Internet search will turn up many cute blog designs, or you can go ahead and build one yourself.

Design Your Own blog

Designing your own scrapbook layout isn't difficult. If you've created a digital scrapbook before, only a few minor adjustments are necessary to turn your page design into a beautiful template for your blog. All you need is a graphics application, such as Photoshop Elements, and a web design program like Coffee Cup to get you started. You'll be designing your own scrapbooking blog designs before you know it!

There are many tutorials on the Internet that will tell you how to create your own blog templates from scratch, custom made for folks at every skill level. You will need to know how to use a graphics program and how to interact with your blog platform. A little knowledge of cascading style sheets will be useful, but is not necessary. Here are a few beginning tutorials to get you started:

  • A series of Photoshop tutorials by graphic designer Jennifer Apple
  • An entire webpage devoted to teaching beginners how to use cascading style sheets
  • Flexibility allows you to create a fully customizable WordPress theme that is easier to change than other static themes
  • scrapbooking designer Jessica Sprague explains how to use Photoshop to create scrapbook themes and pages
  • A tutorial on creating a web photo gallery to fit into your scrapbooking blog, or to show off your designs once you've got a few put together

Links to Scrapbooking Blog Templates

If you don't want to design your own blog theme, go ahead and choose from one of these free pre-made themes, available for download:

Online Scrapbooking Blog Services

Many online services are available that will allow you to create a blog that has scrapbooking features built right in.

  • Scrap Girls offers s digital scrapbooking platform, classes, and tutorials.
  • My Memories offers software, design kits, and even forms and tutorials to help you create a beautiful digital scrapbook blog.
  • SmileBox is a free service that lets you create digital scrapbooking pages, which you can then print, email, or post to your blog. They have many layouts available.

Sharing Your blog Designs

Once you've created a few scrapbooking blog designs of your own, why not share them with others? There is a whole world of scrapbookers interested in decorating their blogs, and they would be thrilled to see your designs.

  • Why not create your own web page to show off your new designs?
  • Flickr is a place where you can upload images, such as blog backgrounds, for others to peruse.
  • Picasa lets you edit and share images for free.
  • Are your theme files very large? Gigasize lets you share bigger files, such as zip files, with anyone on the Internet.
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