Blogging the Bible

Blogging the Good Book

Blogging the Bible is a great way to share your knowledge and views with others about this holy book. However, to undertake such a great task, you need to know what parts of the Bible you want to journal. For instance, if you want to blog only about the Old Testament, make sure your blog title and subsequent posts are only about that.

Take a look at some ways of blogging the Bible. You can break it down by testament, book, writer or even miracle if you'd like. The goal is to have fun with what you are doing and to make sure your information is clear for the audience to understand.

The Book of Genesis

It is said that God created the world in six days, leaving the seventh as a time of rest. You can blog about how and why He did this and how it affected your life and beliefs.

Earthly Miracles

The Bible is full of miracles from the healing of the sick to the rising of the dead. How has this enhanced your life and what do these miracles mean?

The Birth of the Savior

The birth of Jesus Christ is touted as the world's greatest miracle. There are numerous possibilities available when it comes to blogging about the life of Christ.

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus is deemed as the holiest time of the year for Christians. Many readers will look for blogs as a way of absolution or as a means of understanding why He died.

The Book of Psalms

There are 150 psalms in the Bible, with Psalm 119 being the longest. There is a lot of material here in which to blog.

Daily Devotions

Blogging devotions will bring readers back to your weblog, as they will want to know what each day will bring.

Books of the New Testament

The gospels in the New Testament are some of the most powerful stories in the Bible, as they pertain to life of Jesus Christ, but which disciple was more accurate? Write your blog and let your readers decide.

Teaching the Bible

Your blog can also be an instrument to teach others about God's word.

A Bible for a New Generation

The Internet is the learning tool of the future, and that includes religious teachings. Blogging the Bible can help bring God's word to the younger generations in a social networking format they understand.

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Blogging the Bible