How to Add Twitter to Your Blog

How to Add Twitter to Your Blog

If you use Twitter and you also have either a professional or an amateur blog, you may wonder how to add twitter to your blog. This tutorial will guide you through the procedure to add Twitter to two of the most popular blog networks, Blogger and Wordpress. In both cases, adding Twitter to your blog only requires a few very simple steps. Before long, you'll have your Twitter updates automatically posted on your blog.

Step #1: Log into your Twitter account and go to and click on the Blogger network and continue.

Select the Number of Updates

Step #2: Choose the number of posts that you want displayed on your blog and whether you want the updates to display the title or not. Then, click "add to Blogger" if you're using a newer blogger layout. This will automatically add the widget for you. Otherwise, click the "grab the code" link.

Copy the Code For Your Blog

Step #3: Highlight the selected code and copy it. This is the widget code that you'll be inserting into the sidebar of your Blogger blog. It is a short piece of code, so look through it to make sure that it properly points to your Twitter account. If you are already logged into your account, then it should be.

Add the HTML/Javascript Gadget

Step #4: Log into your Blogger account and click on the "Layout" view for your blog. Select the HTML/Javascript, or "Add a Gadget," so that you can add the HTML/Javascript gadget and then click on it.

Paste the Twitter Code

Step #5: In the HTML/Javascript gadget dialog, paste the Twitter code that you previously copied from your Twitter account and click save.

Twitter Now Updates Your Blog

Once your finished, visit your blog and you'll discover that your latest updates now display in the sidebar of your blog, as shown here.

Find Your Twitter RSS Feed

Adding your Twitter updates to your Wordpress blog is just as simple. Some people prefer adding widgets to their Wordpress blog that can connect to your Twitter account and display your updates. Search the web for "Wordpress Twitter Gadgets" to find some. However, there's a much simpler way to add Twitter updates to Wordpress by using your Twitter RSS feed.

Step#1: Go to your Twitter account and click the links to view only your updates. If you want to feed your friends' updates to your blog too, then skip this step.

Click on Your RSS Feed Link

Step #2: Click on the link for your RSS feed. This link is toward the bottom of the right menu bar under the list of people who are following you.

Copy the Link to Your RSS Feed

Step #3: On your Twitter RSS feed page, highlight and copy the URL for the page. This URL represents the link to your Twitter RSS feed. This link will work in any RSS aggregator or reader, as well as in your WordPress blog.

Add the RSS Link to Your Blog

Step #4: In your Wordpress blog, click on "Appearance" and then "Widgets." Add the RSS widget if it isn't already added to your blog, and then click "Edit" on the RSS widget. On this screen you will paste the URL link to your Twitter RSS feed and configure the number of Twitter updates you want to display. Save your changes and you're done!

WordPress Blog Twitter Updates

Now your Twitter Updates will automatically pass to you WordPress blog through your Twitter RSS feed.

LTK Social Networking also has additional articles about Blogger widgets and free WordPress headers so make sure to check those out for more information.

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How to Add Twitter to Your Blog