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Reading truck driver blogs can be a great way to gain insight into the truck driving industry and to learn about what life is like for those who spend time on the road driving big rigs.

About Truck Driver Blogs

If you're interested in learning more about truck driving, blogs written for and by truck drivers can be a great source of information. There are a number of different blogs about truck driving. Some are written by drivers, and others are corporate blogs with information about the trucking business.

Blogs About the Trucking Industry

  • The Truck Driver Jobs Blog is part of the Web site. This blog provides readers with information about major trucking employers. Those who are working in the field, as well as those who are seeking opportunities to enter the industry, can learn a great deal about changes and issues affecting employment in trucking from this website.
  • See the Truck Driver and Diesel Mechanic Jobs Blog for news and information about major employers in the truck driving industry, as well as legislation and other current events impacting driving jobs. This blog is a service of
  • The Truck Accident Lawyer Blog is published by the Jeffcoat Firm, a South Carolina legal office with a specialty in truck accidents. The blog includes news and current events information related to accidents involving big rigs, and related legal actions and legislation.

Blogs by Truck Drivers

  • The Adventures in Trucking blog is published by Wayne and Cindy, a husband and wife truck driving team. This blog details what it's like to have the opportunity to drive around the United States for a living. The Web site focuses on the travel aspect of trucking, and includes photos and stories about the places the pair gets to travel.
  • Life on the Road, a Blogspot blog, is written by Chris, a 20-something trucker based in California who drives the 18 western states on two-week runs. The blog includes beautiful photographs of many of the sights the publisher enjoys along his route, and also features brief articles about his trucking adventures.
  • Jean Catudal's Blog on Trucking shares insights on the truck driving life, presented from the perspective of a Canadian truck driver with extensive driving experience. Parts of the blog are published in French, and others are written in English.
  • The Trucking Life is written by professional trucker James Binford, who is based in Seattle, Washington. The blog's motto is for truckers by a trucker, and includes a wide variety of information of interest to truckers and other people interested in learning more about life on the road.
  • Trucking Life is published on Blogspot by professional truck driver Lyndon Lomanovskis from Alberta, Canada. The blog includes photographs depicting life on the road, as well as articles about driving and the areas through which the writer travels.
  • The World of the Truck Driver blog is published by professional driver Dick Lower, who has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Articles posted to the blog cover various topics related to truck driving, including facts about working in the field, how to become a driver, and information about jobs in the industry.

Reading Truck Driver Blogs

When you want to learn more about the truck driving industry, it's a good idea to seek out truck driver blogs. Viewing these frequently updated websites will give you an opportunity to see what life is like on the road through the eyes of individuals who drive big rigs for a living.

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