Twitter as a Marketing Tool

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Using Twitter as a marketing tool can be a successful way to increase your web presence and bring in new business. While some of your clients may be wondering, "What is Twittering?" more people actively use the social networking site then you may think. Sites like Twitter offer a unique way to market yourself or your business.

Why Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

When it comes to using Twitter as a marketing tool, there are more pros then cons. With so many people on the internet utilizing the free and relatively easy to use service, it is almost harder to find reasons not to use this social networking service.

Twitter Is a Free Service

One of the best things about Twitter is that is a free service. All you need to start using the website is a computer with an active web connection. You simply need to join the Twitter community, choose a user name, and start posting those tweets.

Twitter Reaches an Audience of Millions

Twitter is an extremely popular social networking site and has millions of subscribers. Most of those subscribers read their Twitter feeds every day. Twitter has made accessing your account easy by creating smart phone and web applications that allow users to access their Twitter feeds from almost anywhere. Better yet, Google indexes Tweets on their search engine, meaning your short blurbs can help increase your business' search engine rankings.

Twitter is Easy to Use

Twitter is a simple application to use. Initially, users may have a slight learning curve as they adjust to the Twitter language and system of publishing short blurbs. However, once you are in the swing of things you can post several tweets a day. It is also easy to add and accept friends on Twitter. These friends are simply people who add your tweets to their user feed and vice versa. Friends can also see Twitter feeds from their other friend's pages, increasing your Twitter presence even further.

How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

There are several strategies to marketing with Twitter. Before you can start learning the advanced ways to market your business with social networking you must learn the basics to Twitter marketing.

Start Your Twitter Account

First, you must start an account at Twitter. This is easy to do, simply log on to the Twitter site and enter in the required fields such as creating a name for your account. From there you can start adding friends and posting Tweets.

Posting Tweets to Twitter

Twitter is like a miniature weblog. Users post small blurbs, known as tweets. These tweets can be about anything the user desires. If you are using these tweets as a marketing tool, it is a good idea to post about your company as often as possible. You can post a tweet by typing the post into the text field and clicking the submit button.

Adding Friends to Twitter

As Twitter is a social networking site, it relies heavily on gaining friends to your account. You can use the search function on the Twitter site to find fellow users who have interests similar to your business. You can also search by location to add people in your area. Once you submit a friend request and it is accepted, that person will see your tweets and vice versa.

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Twitter as a Marketing Tool