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The combination of a webcam, free blog software and a bit of creativity opens up a whole new way to communicate.

Webcams and Blogs

Using webcams with blogs is becoming increasingly popular. Webcams are readily available and some can be purchased for just a few dollars. Many laptops come complete with a built-in webcam, providing an even greater degree of convenience.

Blogs that use webcam video are attractive to users as this is an interesting way to learn more about the blogger and can be a welcome alternative to reading lots of text online. When viewing a blog that incorporates a video, the viewer gets a greater insight into the blogger as subtleties in tone are not reflected in the written word.

Using Webcams, Free Blogs and Other Software

Many bloggers use their webcams to record short videos. Free blogging tools such as Blogger allow these videos to be uploaded direct and free of charge. This means it is easy for bloggers to share their video recorded from their webcams and make it very accessible for readers. Webcams are ideal for recording video for blogs:

  • Ease of use - Webcams are easy to use and while they are not as sophisticated as video cameras, they are designed to be used 'straight from the box'.
  • No need for tripod or other people - Webcams are ideal for use by one person. There is no need for remote controls, tripods or requiring another person to operate the camera.
  • Complete with software - Most webcams come with software that allow processing and will compress the file ready to load onto a blog.
  • Hands free - A webcam is operated 'hands-free', making it ideal for recording videos giving product or how to demonstrations. This is particularly useful with craft blogs where people often enjoy sharing techniques.
  • Specialist software - Software has been developed specifically for capturing video to use with blogs.

Tips for Using a Webcam

Here are a few tips to help you use a webcam, free blog software and a computer to create a great video:

  • It is useful if your free blog service allows video to be uploaded direct. This saves having to load video onto YouTube or other video software first.
  • Make sure that the webcam is well set up and has you in the center of the frame. Many modern webcams have face tracking that allows you to move around and the webcam follows your face.
  • Keep it interesting! You have plenty of opportunity to use 'props', so if you are talking about a latest purchase or something you are working on - hold it up to the camera.
  • Keep an eye on your hard drive - even tightly compressed video can extend over many megabites and will soon start eating up disc space. If necessary invest in an external disc drive or consider archiving old video onto CDs, pen drives or other electronic storage.

Finding Free Blogs With Webcams

Blog directories offer a good way to find out more about the different blogs available. These break blogs down into sections including video blogs or 'vlogs'. One of the challenges of finding blogs with webcam video is that it is often included as an occasional update and not with every post, therefore don't be surprised if a blog has a video one time you visit and text the next.

Adult Orientated Webcams

If you are looking for a webcam within a blog you need to be careful that you do not end up on an adult site that offers streaming webcam video. The content of these sites can be very dubious.

A webcam and free blog is an exciting combination and brings a new dimension to blogging. Whether your interest is as a blogger looking to bring something new to your blog or as a blog reader looking for new things, this is an interesting development in the blogging world.

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