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WordPress themes with ad space are the perfect choice for bloggers who want to set up their blogs quickly and easily, without spending time figuring out where the ads should be placed. You can find free themes with built-in spaces for ads, or if you prefer a truly original design, you can purchase premium themes that are customized.

Why Use WordPress Themes with Ad Space

There are many reasons why using WordPress themes with ad space makes sense for busy bloggers. Most of these themes are focused on being Google AdSense friendly, but often you'll find that they work with other types of ads as well.

  • Ads on blogs need to be placed strategically to maximize user clicks, without making the design look messy or unorganized. With an ad-ready theme, the placement has already been figured out for you.
  • Rather than inserting code and doing extensive testing to make sure everything is working and displaying correctly, all you need to do is insert your ad code from Google AdSense or another program, and the theme will take care of the rest.
  • Many themes with ad space also include Google search boxes, and will conform to Google's guidelines for ads per page.
  • Small details like background colors have already been assigned, so you know that the ads won't clash with the rest of the blog's design.
  • It's easy to go back in and change your ads without having to worry about coding anything.

Free Versus Premium Themes

There are lots of free WordPress themes, including those with ad space built in, available to download. There are pros and cons to using free themes, however. The developers and designers of these themes often don't provide any type of support for users, so if you run into problems you're on your own to solve them. Also, since the theme is free for anyone to use, you run the risk of finding identically designed blogs on the web.Free themes can be a great starting point though, especially for personal blogs. If you know and understand the coding involved, it's simple to go in and change things like colors and column spacing. Premium themes can be costly, but there are added benefits to purchasing your WordPress theme. You'll have support from the designer if you run into trouble, for example, and you'll have a customized theme that won't be available to everyone on the planet who wants it.

Where to Find Themes with Ad Space

If you're looking for WordPress themes that include ad space, here are some good places to start your search.

  • WP Mayor curates 35 themes with ad space available at Theme Forest. Costs range from about $40 to just over $100.
  • iThemes - These "Flexx-Themes" are premium themes for WordPress, and come with ad space built in. Compare them with the available free themes to see what the differences are, and decide if it's worth it to you to pay for your theme.

Choosing the Right Theme for Your Needs

If you're starting up a blog and are interested in making some money from ads, then selecting a theme with ad space makes a lot of sense. It will save you time and a lot of headaches, and you'll be able to concentrate on the important things, like content and promotion.

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