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For those who have never used Facebook or can't be bothered with trying to figure out every new layout change, Facebook instructions are a great way to learn the fundamentals of the social networking site without feeling overwhelmed. No matter why you want to use Facebook or if you just want to learn more, Facebook instructions can be a great tool to understand a little bit more about the pop culture site.

What Can I Do On Facebook?

In order to use Facebook, it is important to know what the site does. In addition to having a profile of your own (which can feature photos, a list of your favorite bands, and more), you will also have a 'wall' where friends and family can post public comments. If you are interested, there are numerous games and applications that you can play (like Farmtown, Mafia Wars and the like). You can play these games with your friends (and many require you to!). You can also privately message friends on the site, as well as publicly comment on their wall.

A Set of Facebook Instructions

Looking for a set of Facebook instructions to help make things a little bit easier? Follow these quick Facebook intructions and you'll be on your way!

  • Set your privacy settings to show as little or as much as you would like. You can locate these under your account preferences. It is important to use these settings as much as possible since Facebook continually keeps changing things up.
  • Connect with a few friends and keep your eye out for new ones. Be sure to keep in contact so your connection is not in vain. Facebook will also ask your new friends to recommend other friends that you may know. If you know them, feel free to connect with them too. If you do not know them - don't worry, you don't have to connect.
  • If you feel comfortable, upload a few recent photos to let friends and family know how things have been. If you are uploading photos of your children or that can contain other personal information (such as the date of someone's birthday), be sure to make sure your privacy settings are in place.
  • Try to leave a few posts on the walls of your friends. Don't worry -- your posts don't need to be anything specific or personal. Just a quick hello will do. Advise them that you are still new to Facebook and would love their advice on anything Facebook does that they would like you to do. If there is something more detailed or private that you would like to say to your friend, send them a private message on the site to let them know. The only two people who can see the message are your friend and you.
  • Update your status to let your friends know what you are up to! Status updates can be as simple as mentioning how much you love the current weather or as detailed as letting them know what you've done every moment of the day.
  • If you're interested, Facebook has numerous games that you can get involved in. Everything from farming to fantasy football to just fun survey games are at your disposal. If this is the type of thing you would be interested in, get started with a Facebook game.
  • The most important Facebook instruction out there? Remember to keep checking in with the site to see what new updates and activities there are. Friends might post something on your wall, invite you to an event or send you a private message. Keeping up with what happens on Facebook is a part of the fun!

A Final Thought

While Facebook can seem overwhelming at first, remember that it can be easy to learn the site once you have a few guidelines to get you started. Once you're set up, things will get much easier!

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Facebook Instructions