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Bebo proxy sites can mask your identity

A Bebo proxy site allows users to access the social media network from areas where it has been blocked. Proxy sites make it seem like a user is visiting a website from somewhere other than where he is actually located, giving access to sites that may be blocked by your network.

About Bebo

Bebo, which is an acronym for "blog early, blog often," was launched in 2005. It has been sold a couple of times, and is now owned by Criterion Capital Partners who purchased the network from AOL in 2008.

Bebo uses many common social networking features, including photo and video sharing, adding friends, and sending both public and private messages. Each Bebo profile is comprised of a list of friends and a section for messages. You can also add quizzes, use a variety of instant messengers, and manage or join groups through the service.

Why Bebo Might Be Blocked

If you're searching for a Bebo proxy site, chances are that the network is blocked where you live, go to school, or work. Bebo and other social networking sites are often blocked because they tend to be distracting and time consuming when members get hooked on them.

Some reasons for blocking Bebo might include:

  • Schools restricting access to keep students focused on their schoolwork
  • Workplace restrictions to prevent workers from wasting company time
  • Parents exercising parental controls to keep children from unregulated environments online
  • Governments experiencing protests or uprisings, who want to keep news and photos from their regions from spreading to the media

While there are many ways to block a website from a network or individual computer, using a proxy site can circumvent several of them.

How to Use a Bebo Proxy Site

A proxy site allows you to visit any site that you have been blocked from by making it appear as if you're visiting from somewhere else. The site or program makes it seem like you are actually at a different location -- one that is allowed access to the site you wish to visit, which in this case is Bebo.

The proxy server allows you to mask your actual IP address and assigns you a temporary one. To use a proxy for Bebo, you first visit the proxy site and then type in the URL for Bebo, which is While it looks like you're then able to access the site yourself, you're actually getting there through the proxy server.

Risks in Using a Proxy Site

As with many things on the Internet, using proxy sites can be risky. Here are some reasons why.

  • You can still be blocked - Even though no one will catch on that you're visiting Bebo, hits to a proxy site will register for a watchful network administrator. Once the admin catches on, the proxy site itself will be blocked.
  • Your IP address is on record with the proxy site - Sure, you're visiting Bebo under a cloak of secrecy, but the proxy site you're using will have a record of your IP address. If you decide to try hacking or other illegal activity, you can get caught.
  • Downloading can be dangerous - Some proxy sites ask you to download a program to use their services. These programs will be detected by administrators, and could be traced back to you. They can also contain malware, adware, or even viruses.

Proxy Sites for Bebo

Proxy sites exist so that you can access any blocked website from a computer in any location, but some of them advertise that they're perfect for visiting Bebo. Here are a few you can try.

You can also try sites that list available proxies, like this one from StumbleUpon.

Is It Worth It to Use a Proxy Site?

It's certainly understandable that you might want to bypass restrictions in order to visit your favorite websites and networks. Consider the risks, whether you're worried about getting caught or infecting the computer with a virus. In some cases, such as countries where violent protests need to be documented, it may well be worth the risks involved. On the other hand, if you're just upset that your parents have cut you off from Bebo, you may want to reconsider.

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