Snapchat Trophy Case Guide

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While Snapchat's popularity as a photo-sharing app is indisputable, users may not be aware of the trophies waiting to be unlocked. At the time of this article, the trophy case contains 48 secretive laurels to showcase a user's Snapchat proficiency. Earn these achievements and proudly display your snapping mastery.

Access Your Trophy Case

To see how many trophies you have unlocked, follow this simple three-step process:

  1. From the Camera screen in the Snapchat mobile app, swipe down or tap the Bitmoji on the upper left of the screen. This takes you to your Profile screen.
  2. Select the trophy icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap a trophy to see how it was earned.

List of Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat trophies are unlocked by performing a variety of tasks within the app. Some of these are associated with your Snapchat score, which is the combined total number of Snaps sent and received. No points are given for Snapchat Stories.

Snapchat Trophy Trophy Description How to Unlock
email trophy
Email Verify your email address in settings
Telephone Verify your phone number in settings
Radio Submit a Snap to a Live/Local Story
clapper board
Clapper Board Submit 10 Snaps to a Live/Local Story
fax machine
Fax Machine Scan 5 Snapcodes
happy devil
Happy Devil Screenshot a Snap
angry devil
Angry Devil Screenshot 10 Snaps
red goblin mask
Red Goblin Mask Screenshot 50 Snaps
one finger emoji
One Finger Send a Snap with one filter applied
two fingers
Two Fingers Send a Snap with two filters applied
VHS Tape Send a video Snap
movie camera
Movie Camera Send 50 video Snaps
Camcorder Send 500 video Snaps
Baby Earn a Snapchat score of 10
gold star
Gold Star Earn a Snapchat score of 100
Sparkles Earn a Snapchat score of 1,000
shooting star
Shooting Star Earn a Snapchat score of 10,000
Explosion Earn a Snapchat score of 50,000
Rocket Earn a Snapchat score of 100,000
Ghost Earn a Snapchat score of 500,000
Snowflake Send a Snap with temperature filter below freezing 32°F (0°C)
Flashlight Send 10 Snaps with front-facing flash on
Ogre/Devil/Oni Send 1,000 Snaps from the front-facing camera (selfies)
loop once
Loop Once Flip camera once in a video Snap
Loop Flip camera five times in a video Snap
Refresh Flip camera ten times in a video Snap
Hear-No-Evil Send a video Snap with no audio
fried egg
Fried Egg Send a Snap between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.
Lollipop Send a Snap with five or more pen colors
Rainbow Send 10 Snaps with five or more pen colors
artist pallete
Artist Palette Send 50 Snaps with five or more pen colors
magnifying glass
Magnifying Glass Send 10 photo Snaps completely zoomed in
Microscope Send 10 video Snaps using zoom
ABCD Send 100 Snaps with large text font
Panda Send 50 Snaps using the black and white filter
crescent moon
Crescent Moon Send 50 Snaps using night mode
chain link
Chain Link Connect your Snapchat account with Bitmoji
floppy disk
Floppy Disk Save 10 Snaps in your Memories
CD Save 100 Snaps in your Memories
DVD Save 1,000 Snaps in your Memories
Globe Your Snap was posted on a Live Story
white circle
White Circle Send a Story from Memories
blue circle
Blue Circle Create a Story in Memories
MiniDisc Save a Story to Memories
eyes looking away
Eyes Looking Away Set up "My Eyes Only" in Memories
Detective Search for a Snap in Memories
Bullseye Add five people using the "Add Nearby" setting
flying dollars
Flying Dollars Send someone money via Snapcash

Snap Into Action

Trophies are a great way of rewarding users for using the app to its fullest extent. It may take a truly dedicated user to get every single trophy in Snapchat, but the fun remains undiminished for even casual users. Using the instructions above, you can track your progress and determine the additional requirements to reach the finish line.

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