What Do the Ghost Faces on Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat Friends

If you have a Snapchat account, you are probably aware of the mysterious, white Snapchat ghosts. These ghosts, variations of Snapchat's mascot Ghostface Chillah, appear in the Added Me section of the mobile app, next to the list of names in a user's friends list.

Only Snapchat users who have not uploaded a custom selfie to their Snapcode will have white ghosts displayed next to their usernames. Frequently popular topics of discussion, the puzzling ghosts are automatically generated, appear to be random, and change often. Some users even have several different ghosts next to their username.

The Many Faces of Snapchat

As of October 2016, a total of 21 different Snapchat ghost faces have been identified. The meaning of each ghost is open to interpretation, but likely aligns with other emoji and emoticons.

  1. Ghost with Heart Eyes
    Scheming Ghost
    Nervous Ghost
    No Way Ghost
    Ghost with Heart Eyes: An expression of love
  2. Peace Sign Ghost: An expression of optimism
  3. Ghost with Blue Bubble: This ghost appears to be napping or suffering from boredom
  4. Content Ghost: Satisfied and comfortable, neutral
  5. Confused Ghost: Indicating a puzzled or perplexed state of mind
  6. Joyful Ghost: An expression of blissful delight
  7. Scheming Ghost: This ghost is up to something
  8. IDK Ghost: "I don't know," clueless or dizzy
  9. LOL Ghost: "Laughing out loud," laughing hysterically with tears of joy
  10. Angry Ghost: An expression of rage, grumpiness or annoyance
  11. Shocked Ghost: This ghost is surprised
  12. Happy Ghost: An expression of happiness and pleasure
  13. Nervous Ghost: Depicting anxiety or worry, shaking
  14. Sarcastic Ghost: An expression of sarcasm
  15. Giggling Ghost: Mild laughter
  16. Scared Ghost: A frightened ghost
  17. Playful Ghost: A lighthearted expression of mischief
  18. Impatient Ghost: This ghost is irritated and/or in a hurry
  19. Cool Ghost: A laid back and chilled out ghost
  20. No Way Ghost: An expression of disbelief
  21. Black Ghost: Possibly indicates a Selfie Ghost, that the user covered the camera, or that the user is no longer using Snapchat

The Question Remains

It is important to note that these descriptions of the ghosts are purely speculative, they are not definitive, as the ghosts have not been officially defined by Snapchat. New features and icons are being added to Snapchat all the time. Perhaps in the next update, Snapchat will explain more about the elusive ghosts and their meanings.

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What Do the Ghost Faces on Snapchat Mean?