How Do I Get Viewers to My Blog


If you've recently set up your very own spot on the Internet where you can share your thoughts, observations, and expertise while interacting with people who share your interests, you may be wondering, "How do I get viewers to my blog?"

So How Do I Get Viewers to My Blog?

There are several ways to get new viewers to your blog, but not all methods fit all blogs. Consider your content and then decide which route is the best for your site.


If you're running your blog more for business than pleasure, you may be able to add the URL to your business cards. Even if you're running your blog for fun more than anything, if you're hoping to make a little cash off of it with AdSense or the Amazon affiliate program you'll want to advertise as well. You may not want to add your blog to your business card in that case, but you'll still benefit from advertising.

If you have a Twitter account, embark on a plan to acquire new followers daily who may be interested in reading what you've written. With every post, send an update with a link. Link from your MySpace or Facebook account as well. Of course you won't want to limit your posts to links to your blogs; tweet or update your status regularly with other entertaining or informative blurbs.

Word of Mouth

This one's easy. Tell your friends. Have them tell their friends. Chat up your hairdresser or the cashier if you think they may be interested in your chosen topic. If your blog is related to your business, you may even want to add your blog's URL to your signature line on outgoing mail or add it in with the materials you submit to potential clients.

Comment on Other Blogs and Forums

Spend time scouting out blogs and forums where the visitors' interests are similar to your own. Make sure that you're logged in under your blog's URL when you're leaving comments on other people's blogs. This will give people who like your thoughtful or funny comments a way to click on your username and discover your blog. Set up a signature line on forums you visit in order to advertise your blog with every comment. Keep in mind that it is poor blog etiquette to go to someone else's site and post, "Come check out my blog at…" followed by a URL. Think your comments through. You'll inspire others to click on your username without risking the "spammer" label.

Submit Content to Other Websites

If you can find websites that accept content from guest bloggers or those that will take articles from freelancers, submit content to those and be sure to add the name of your blog and the web address in your biography. This works for most topics, though this may not be the best route if your blog is on the personal end of the spectrum. It is, however, ideal for those who are passionate and knowledgeable about a hobby or business.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Remember that once you solve the problem of, "How do I get viewers to my blog," don't forget that you need to keep them coming back for more. Update your content on a regular basis and reply to the comments that are left on your blog. Build a relationship with your readers to ensure that they keep coming back and that they recommend your blog to other friends.

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How Do I Get Viewers to My Blog