Free Wordpress Weight Loss Templates

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Find free weight loss templates.

If you're planning on starting a blog that covers diet and fitness topics, free WordPress weight loss templates can convey your subject matter with images and photos. These templates are easy to find, download, and install.

What Are Free WordPress Templates?

Free WordPress templates are themes that you can download and use on your WordPress blog. These templates consist of:

  • A number of columns, usually two or three, for you to display your content on
  • Themed photos for the header of the page, and occasionally elsewhere on the pages
  • A space to put your blog's title and/or logo
  • Back end administration to add widgets and other blog tools

Think of your template as the background for your blog. It adds the color and pizzazz, while you add the content.

Weight Loss Templates

Free WordPress weight loss templates display images and themes that are identified with losing weight and focusing on fitness. Some of these images could include:

  • Healthy foods
  • Scales
  • People exercising or exercise equipment

Most templates combine these images and ideas with a pleasing color palette and functional format. Choose a template that seems to convey the message you want to send with your blog, considering your target audience and how much space you need in the sidebars.

It helps to have a mental checklist in mind when searching for a blog template, rather than poring over hundreds of different formats without knowing what you really want.

Finding Free WordPress Weight Loss Templates

There are a number of websites that offer different free templates for WordPress blogs, and many of them have several with a weight loss theme. Here are a few you could consider:

  • Theme Forest - The themes in this section of cover a variety of food offerings, from healthy fruits and vegetables to fish. One of them even features a chef with various forms of fast food, which could be used as a "what to avoid" theme.
  • Themely: Themely offers ten different health and fitness themes that could work for weight loss. They include gym and fitness club themes, outdoor exercise, yoga, and some that feature specific sports like soccer and skiing.
  • Theme Grill - Check out this section of Free Theme Grill templates for 10 responsive weight loss designs. There are templates focusing on health, wellness, exercise, and outdoor activity which could tie in with the weight loss topic.

Another Option for Free Weight Loss Templates

If you've been looking around but can't find the exact template you want, you can search the WordPress website for free themes that you can customize. The easiest way to do this is to find a style and color scheme that you like, download and install it, and then play around with it until you get your desired theme.

Some ways to customize a template include:

  • Changing border or background colors
  • Adding a banner, logo, or large photo to the top of the template
  • Placing photos in the sidebars
  • Adding colorful or dynamic widgets that will display useful information and add detail to your blog

The added bonus to changing an existing free template is that the end result will be unique to your blog. No other weight loss blogger will have the exact same look or format.

Using Free Templates for WordPress

Keep in mind that not all themes are created equally. Some free themes have not been updated for a while, and may not be compatible with some WordPress upgrades. Look for a theme with a designer who is easy to contact in case you run into problems.

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Free Wordpress Weight Loss Templates