Hi5 Problems

Hi5 problems shouldn't be overwhelm you!

As one of the top three most popular social networking sites on the web, hi5 problems are likely to arise. While hi5 has shifted its focus in recent months to social gaming as a rising area of interest, the site opens itself up to privacy control issues and information sharing. The site is also most popular in Latin America, opening the English-based site to problems from language differences. The site also features common social networking problems like overzealous email updates and a lack of controls that interest select users.

Hi5 Problems


Like all social networking sites, one of the first concerns many users have is how a site handles privacy practices and social networking security. While the World Wide Web might be large and expansive, that doesn't mean that every user wants their personal interests spread that far.

A common hi5 problem that many have is that the site allows third party advertisers to advertise towards users. The site's privacy policy clearly outlays that the site transfers users' personal information with third party affiliates and advertisers for the purpose of providing better advertising content. These advertisers also have the right to place cookies on a user's computer for the purpose of advertising. Many hi5 users and potential hi5 users think this is the largest of hi5 problems out there.


Another hi5 problem is that the site frequently sends emails. Users of hi5 are careful to control their email settings otherwise the site will email for everything from a new friend comment to a log-in reminder. However, the site does not just email users. There are numerous reports that hi5 will also email invitations to non-users who users have invited to the platform before. The reason for this is that hi5 openly admits to storing the email addresses of those to whom users send invitations.

Language Barrier

Hi5 is not as large of a social network in the United States as a site like Facebook. However, the site is huge in Latin America. As a result, a new English speaking user looking to make friends might face a bit of a language barrier if he is trying to connect with a large portion of the site's users. However, the same issue can be said for any social networking user who is looking to expand their online friendships beyond the coast lines.

Friend Sharing

The site's recent shift to focus on social gaming also raises other problems such as how friends can share the personal information of friends on the web. It is not yet entirely clear how successfully a user can opt out of the site and its social features.

Many users worry how much information a friend can share from their profile on the web. For example, can a friend influence personalized and targeted advertising by sharing information about a friend in a game? While this is not clear, this is not an issue that hi5 faces alone.

General Problems

Like most sites, hi5 problems also occur with just how users use the site. Some users feel it is necessary to spam other users with unnecessary comments. Other users might put up inappropriate photos. While these hi5 problems don't affect most, they can be too overbearing for other users.

A Final Thought

The largest hi5 problems that many see involve the site's openess with third party advertisers and affiliates. The privacy policy on the site does not provide enough protection of the information that users put on the site. Many cite the privacy policy as grounds for the site to expand someday and sell information from users to other parties. Whatever your stance on the privacy policy of the site, you can protect yourself and your information by making sure you only put what you want on the site. Don't put more information than you would feel comfortable with the whole world knowing. This can be said of any social network. Keep yourself safe on the web and any problems with hi5 will seem less.

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Hi5 Problems